REBRAND TON ! We need it today! RUNA

REBRAND TON ! We need it today !

I know it’s a very hard decision, but I think we need to do that in order to succeed. I will try to explain why we need it and what kind of positive results we can get from it.

  1. Legal issue. A lot of people would be afraid to use this product knowing it was banned by the USA… even so it has nothing to do with FreeTON. Rebranding can help to describe this product from the other side. For example, a fork from a TON (open-source) project.
  2. Hard to understand. I tried to explain to a few of my friends. They were shocked at how hard to get the idea of FreeTON. (Especially with wording “Free” in the beginning)
  3. It’s really hard to differentiate between TON Products (TON contracts, tokens etc). We would have much better audience engagement if names will be self explained.
  4. FreeTON - is a very simple name for such a monster. Rebranding will help to find the best possible name and description of the FreeTON ecosystem.
  5. Rebranding should help attract more people visually and save in their mind the concept. For instance, let’s create a specific logo for each type of product developed by TON Lab (Proxies, tokens, validators etc.)
  6. Very poor knowledge based and attraction because of it. Rebranding helps to engage more people and measure their reaction. (Changing color from cold (Blue) to hot (RED, Yellow and etc) usually increase acceptance by 25% )
  7. Friendly marketing with Rebranding, YES FreeTON is a global project and changing marketing strategy can increase this audience significantly.

This is just my simple vision from research that I have personally done with my colleagues. Please criticize in any way, but please provide comments why the current Name (FreeTON aka TON) should stay as it is. I could’ve missed very important arguments.

One of the name of this tech could be RUNA (the most ancient thing that holds a lot information in one symbol)

  • RUNA FEDERATION (HEADs OF FreeTON Community who are elected and enforce to do major decisions)
  • RUNA WALLET (simply TON Wallet for the tokens)
  • RUNA CREDIT (When you are issuing/sending tokens into you wallet)
  • RUNA DEBIT (When you are receiving tokens into you wallet)
  • and etc just an example

It’s an interesting idea. On the other hand, TON is well known and popular. When we talk about freeton, most users know what it is. If a new brand is introduced, it must follow the path of recognition from the beginning.


I agree that renaming is a good idea.
there was one beginning
FreeTON (Free Telegram Open Network)
then another
FreeTON (Free The Open Network, WTF!!!??)
which by the way looks like a child’s attempt to deceive someone

So that it would be possible to start an open-voting-contest (IMPORTANT without awards), regarding the choice of a new name.
It is important that this idea finds a big response

Я согласен что переименовать это хорошая идея
начала было одно
потом другое
что кстати выглядит как детская попытка кого то обмануть
Так что можно было бы провести открытый конкурс-голосование (ВАЖНО без наград), по поводу выбора нового имени.
Важно что бы эта идея нашла большой отклик

I think this is not a good idea. I would not want the project to be renamed.

Everyone knows that TON has been Banned USA and a lot of people would not use it. This is the largest concern.

Free TON is part of the Free Software Movement. Free Software is a concept Free TON is based upon. Its from the word Freedom and its what we stand for in my opinion. Our Declaration of Decentralization heavily influenced by Richard Stallman GNU manifest.


Totally agree, Re branding has nothing to do with changing that concept. Major audience do not understand that. You have to always say that TON and Free TON are two different things. But if you guys think this is no go just close the topic. Let’s do not waste time.

Also for me rebranding is not good we want to create a Blockchain togheter with telegram otherwise , that’s the strength of TON network because we can use telegram as widespread technology for Cryptocurrency.
We can let people pay in our shop with TON of they integrated wallet on telegram
Without integration. TON will be as 1 of the 5000 shitty coins in circulation .
We want telegram internet money with the good team that we have now

  1. 90% of people just heard that Telegram wanted to run a blockchain, even maybe still waiting for it. and even don’t think so much about it.
  2. USA banned the way that they sold Grams to the investors, not the technology !
  3. is it possible to bypass any rule (if it is against TON, that actually is not) just by renaming a project ?!

I also desagree.

  1. selecting the “FreeTON” as the name is a rebranding also that is well done. because it have the story of TON and their attempts in its heart and also telling the audience that, it is the freedom of TON and a step forward. it can be a good subject for several promotion activities.
  2. TON have had many promotions in the past that will reduce FreeTON costs for the future. by rebranding to a completely new name we will ruin all of those efforts that are so valuable.
  3. now FreeTON technology is not just a new blockchain like many other out there. but, it is a technology that spent a lot of money on it to develop and it is the product of Telegram team. the biggest ICO held on this technology and so on. so people should know that in terms of technology, the TON and FreeTON are the same.

branding is a process with these steps :

defining brand essence → naming → designing brand identity → managing touch points

I think FreeTON have passed first 2 steps well. specially when I see the brand essence of TON still exists in FreeTON, I confirm this rebranding.
but we should continue the process of branding.
for the FreeTON and TON coin we need a well designed logo ,and also a coin symbol.
a profession design of the brand identity will solve some of the issues that you mentioned in this article.

so FreeTON needs a “designing brand identity” contest.
currently we are just using a diamond shape as the logo. the logo should differentiate the FreeTON from other things.
people should be able to realize the FreeTON and remind it when they see the logo somewhere.


Just close it. If rebranding is not a big issue, than absolutely fine. I will work on content with what we have build so far.

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