Rebrand proposal

Hello! I saw that there was a discussion about rebranding, and it was unfairly locked. It seems to me that the name and the correct logo of the project gives 50% of success. For example, Apple, or Windows. From the world of cryptocurrencies, you can pay attention to Stellar, Ethereum, or even Ripple and Tether. All these projects have beautiful names and logos, they are remembered and out of the crowd. Would you pay attention to FreeETH? I doubt it.

The name FreeTON does not say anything to the buyer, and does not say anything at all to anyone but the creators. Naming the platform just because of Free Software Movement is a bad idea IMO.

Also, it seems to me that you have chosen a very strange logo and the name of the cryptocurrency itself. Why Crystal when you have the Diamond logo on it? And how should traders name a coin? XCR? CRY? It seems to me very strange. In Ethereum, for example, coins are called Ether, and the latter are used to pay for smart contracts, which fits perfectly.

In FreeTON, the “gas” for smart-contracts will be a Crystal, priced at less than $0.5 (at the start). Don’t you find this strange?

I propose to bring this issue to public discussion, and it is possible to start a contest. In my opinion, the community needs to get rid of the TON name, but keep the TON reference in the logo. For example, adding an airplane to the logo.



I suppose the TON name should not be removed as Telegram Open Network is the very thing TONlabs have been working for years. But again freeTON could be a bit misleading as new people might assume it to be a free distribution of TON crystals or something, or in the worst scenario might even relate to it as one of the innumerable scams in the name of TON that have been popping up for years.
Also the name TON crystal appears as some kind of in-game currency.