Publishing the Governance model

I think it will be valuable to add a section on main domain and write down by detail the current governance model.
The last article of what is new in the 1.1 version, published at medium and has only 13 half/length rows.
Let’s assume that a new community member landed on site, he/she will try firstly to read and digest of all the content which is published there,next step to sign the declaration, then probably will decide to become a registered member to forum for more active participation and finally if he/she will have free time, will read the publications at social networks etc.

Also in the same page we shall post all the proposals that have been approved for further development as it concerns roadmap of Governance model particularly, so newcomers can understand the trip that freeton has done so far and what else are they expecting to get at near future.

IMHO Governance model is very essential and probably the major point after technical achievements. It is working as a magnet for new community members.