Proposal for principles and methods of token distribution

Proposal for principles and methods of token distribution:

  1. Dozen ways of distributing the token. Tokens may be distributed over time, for example, for a year, one idea was done, new one come.
  2. Activity of the recipient of tokens. Recipient must perform at least minimal actions in order to receive tokens for example - install a wallet, contact the telegram bot, fill out the form, or make a request to the faucet on the website.
  3. The methods of token distribution should promote the payment methods of FreeTon and those features that are unique to FreeTon - it is preferable to distribute tokens inside the telegram application, so the user does not leave the application when interacting with tokens.
  4. FreeTon mostly not for storing value, but for transactions. To stimulate transactions between users, - if the user makes many transactions it is rewarded. Transactions between users, for example, you sending to someone an amount, and then get 5-50% of this amount back from the system as a reward. To prevent manipulation, set the limit for example - 3-5 transactions per day and a limit of amount of transaction.
  5. Lockdrop - I do not know if it can be implemented at this moment to the system, but this is a good option that will allow getting Ton by blocking your BTC or ETH for a while, this can involve more users and increase the value of the token.
  6. It can also be bridge, or something like atomic swap, which, can block BTC, ETHs and other crypto, and give some Ton instead , and then return Ton and receive back BTC or ETH. In this way, the Ton value can be supported by BTC and ETH value. It can be build a whole service, based on this idea.

I want to make clarifications. To reach the maximum audience, you can distribute tokens, introduce users of other products to the project. Watts up for example. The more referrals gaining users in the project, the more tokens.
In addition, the user receives his profit in the amount of 5-50% (as you suggest), the general referral from this receives his reward. Because he brought a person to the project.
I consider it necessary to implement a high-quality referral program


my post is not only about token distribution, it’s also about principles. This reward is for intensification of payments, this reward is for person who paid another. this reward is for his payment, like cashback. The intensification of payment brings new users. There is no interest for users that get their coins and sit on them, we need to intensify payment process also, it will bring a new users, and it also helps to distribute tokens , because reward can be distributed from Ton treasury


Hello. I want to develop your idea with cashback. Create rules for the pool, coins in the steak can be moved inside the pool, and get cashback for it. For example, an entrepreneur, his employees and clients are members of the same pool, put coins in the steak, but they can use them for mutual settlements within the pool and among themselves. The cashback is distributed in such a way that the spring is printed. Your coins while in the pool bring profit to the validator, who deducts part of the coins to you ( compresses the spring) and when you receive coins from another user inside the pool, you and he get a cashback (the spring is partially uncompressed) depending on the payment amount, the larger the payment, the more the spring is uncompressed. If the coins in the steak have not yet brought profit to the validator, then the spring is uncompressed and the cashback will not be.


wow, nice interpretation of idea. It can be used in different ways honestly… it may be very useful


I totally agree to this. Though the principle to this is blurred, cashbacks is needed to drive a healthy traffic to validators and developers.

Thus it should be merged with a good modality for technical principles.