Proposal for MegaDrop / FreeTON partnership

Proposal for MegaDropBot / FreeTON partnership

Number How many TONs For what When
1 20,000 Integration into MegaDrop Done
2 20,000 Distribution of coins: 2 TON Crystal per user with KPI: 2000 TON for each 1000 users, up to 10,000 users
40,000 Total cap

1. Details about us:
We design, develop and sell software for casinos, bookmakers’ offices, lotteries and other solutions

Our products:
MegaDropBot – a bot for distributing various AirDrops in coins of projects. The uniqueness of our bot is that you can get AirDrop in any coin used on our playground. For users it is an opportunity to get different AirDrops for performing specific actions in our chats, on game platforms and forums. The user chooses a coin from the list of coins on our game platform, in which he or she wants to get the bonus.

MegaDropBot - the number of transactions per day is from 300 to 1000, as each Drop is one transaction in the network.
We already integrated and launched the TON Crystal in our MegaDrop. We are ready to listen to comments, suggestions and add corrections.

Megadrop address
Discussion chat Telegram: Join Group Chat

@MegaDropBot - bot for promotion, rewards of active participants, distribution of coins: both mass and individual remuneration, and popularization of FreeTON in telegram chats
This bot sends all transactions instantly to the network

What we have implemented at the moment of the team :
The distribution among the active users
/mdrop [platform]
Can set the time from 1 min to 24h .
Example: /mdrop 1 ton 1h, /mdrop 1 :gem:
The minimum amount per 1 user is 0.01 TON

To reward a specific user, write the following command in response to their message: /mdrop [platform]
Example: /mdrop 1 ton, /mdrop 1 :gem:

Minimum sending amount per 1 user 0.01 ton
View active users: /mdrop

For the creators of the chat :

  1. Monetization, if it activate then 1% of any transactions in the chat automatically goes to the Creator’s wallet.
  2. Enabling and Disabling those currencies that are integrated in the bot for the personal chats. The Creator can leave the currency that will be active in the chat, and disable other currencies.
    To withdraw funds from wallet, need to deploy it, the wallet will automatically deploying when the amount on wallet is more than 0.5 TON.

Transactions can be viewed in the chat by clicking on :zap:, the Explorer will open with the desired transaction

What is planned to be implemented:

For administrators and the creators of the chat:

  1. The ability to create tasks and questions, after which users in the chat will be able to receive rewards.
    The chat administrator sets the task in the settings step by step 1,2,3,4, and the answer options for each task a, b, c, d, where one answer is correct. It will be possible to register several
    different tasks, questions, with setting the time for automatic change . Such tasks will allow the user to immerse themselves in the world of Free TON in more detail, as well as help partially filter out bot breeders.
    The task reward is assigned by the chat administrator
  2. The ability to automatically reward users for subscribing or joining the chats specified by the admin. After joining chats or channels, the user receives an automatic reward to their wallet.
    It is possible to use this point with point 1).
  3. View the date of account creation in telegram, notification about changing the username.
  4. Setting filters by the date of creation of user accounts in telegram (year, month, day) Based on these parameters, users will be able to receive rewards in the chat.
    The goal is to exclude the bots and new regs who create new accounts to receive rewards
  5. Referral program - the chat Creator will be able to activate the referral program for users in their chats by agreement
    with partners.
  6. Connecting tasks in other social networks available via the API and NLP.

For users:

  1. The ability to Send a reward in the chat - transactions with the attached message payload
  2. Adding a collection of emojis where users can set settings for each Emoji with a link to the reward amount.

We understand that the user will need to either accumulate the amount for the wallet deployment or top up and activate the wallet. We believe this is the
right decision where all transactions in the network are active.

2. Description of the implementation process
We have already integrated and passed beta testing. The MegaDropBot operates in the FreeTON

3. Initial token requests
TON Crystal integration into MegaDrop is 20 000 TON.
Distribution of coins: 2 TON Crystal per user with KPI - 2000 TON for each 1000 users, up to 10,000 users

40,000 Total cap

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Фритон который вы заслужили - в одном ряду с каким-то диплексом и минтером. Замечательно.

  1. Пользы ноль, на мой взгляд, к тому же сейчас более чем достаточно ботов, которые умеют дропать кристаллы.
  2. Запросы за интерацию очень большие
  3. Почему фритон должен покрывать расходы на ваш эйрдроп?

Польза нулевая для проекта!

На партнерство не тянет. Был конкурс Амбассадоров. Там такое можно было предлагать.

I believe on the contrary, the more different coins in one bot, the better, the better recognition. And please give an example of at least one bot for reward, when there is a distribution of coins directly to the blockchain and a hash transaction occurs.

Recognition of what? Recognition of your bot? Really ridiculous, we already have the majority of minter community, what about the second project it is just noname, I suppose it is a scam as the minter

I don’t think it really matters. It is a technical aspect but the essence is the same, I don’t see any real benefits of that

А можно весь список ботов которые могут дропать кристаллы сразу ончейн ?

I’m not sure that it will be effective, but in my opinion it is possible to support this proposal, provided that the requested amount for integration into MegaDrop is reduced. And if the integration is already ready, then why such a big payment?

So in the community, on the contrary, everyone says that it is better to do it first, show what has been done and only then request coins to further attract users .

This proposal is not related to the partnership in its true understanding. You have no audience. Why do FREE TON should pay tokens to you?

Bot, similar to Megadropbot, is not difficult to do.
If you make a contest, there will be more participants.

Therefore, it is not clear to me why the project should finance your bot’s development. Moreover, out of competition