Proposal: ExtraTON partnership

Proposal: ExtraTON partnership


While the share of mobile users versus desktop users is growing constantly, it can’t be said that computers are in the past. Metamask (1M+ installs) and TronLink (200K+ installs) Chrome extensions clearly show that browsers are still there and are widely used by crypto-owners world-wide.

dApps on the ‘traditional web’ are not going to disappear in an instance, on the contrary, their number is constantly growing as the number of users who run them. Around 400K users generate 6M+ transactions daily according to

We at ExtraTON strongly believe that it is essential to provide users the variety of tools which make their interaction with the Free TON ecosystem easy and enjoyable.

Background and track record

ExtraTON is a team of professional developers. It was formed in May 2020 at the same time as Free TON came into the world. Our mission is bringing valuable, non-commercials, open source products to the Free TON network.

As of today, we have around 500 active installs of our core solution - ExtraTON Chrome extension. Our wallet already supports multi-wallets, so, you can operate any number of wallets within the extension simply switching between them.

As part of the development roadmap, we have created several dApps which solve certain tasks and show convenience of usage.

Sign DoD on-chain
When the option of signing the Declaration of Decentralization was introduced as a debot, we’ve created a solution that doesn’t require installation of any additional software and is easy-to-use.

Depool Dashboard and Staking
The first handy solution that offers information on available depools and terms of staking.

Vouch - multisig wallets interaction dApp
Easy-to-use and secure tool to use multi-signature wallets in Free TON network: create transactions and sign them directly in your browser.

Offers a convenient interface for deploying a contract with 100 recipients of tokens. Uploading a list of wallets and token amounts from a CSV file is coming soon.

Motivation & goals

We have 2 major goals with ExtraTON extension - offer the users a convenient way to send and receive TON Crystals as easy as possible. The other goal is to offer the developers a great tool to connect their dApps with end-users. Lots of tools, services and utilities lead to mass adoption. This is the way.

Security is crucial when working with crypto and this is why we pay extra attention to this aspect. We always choose security and safety before functionality. ExtraTON keeps all the data locally and interacts with dApp-server only.

While we have an extensive plan of development, we’re also aiming in collaborating with DevEx Sobgovernance to initiate and support development contests which will add value to the Free TON ecosystem by introducing new solutions and services. The more dApps the network has, the more places users can find to use their tokens.

Plan of development

Total token request: 115 000 TON
Our address for token distribution:

Stage #1

Token request: 35 000 TON - upfront

  1. Encrypted keystore file support

Keystore file saves an encrypted version of the user’s private key, locking it with your custom password. What are the advantages of this method if compared to seed-phrase? There are many. If a user’s computer catches a virus and a hacker gets ahold of your key, we won’t be able to do anything with it. Secondly, you won’t be able to light up your seed-phrase when typing it in a public place. You can also safely transfer the file to any other device you own.

When you use a keystore file to access your wallet, the private key is still stored encoded. Many other wallets ignore this threat. So, when signing any transaction in ExtraTON the user is asked to enter the password when confirming any transactions.

This solution will make ExtraTON the most secure wallet in the Free TON ecosystem.

  1. Browser support: Firefox
  2. Localization: Korean, French, Spanish
  3. design update
  4. dApp development contest x DevEx Subgov

If you want something done, do it yourself. And this is why we are ready to invest our time and resources in creating contests for the developers. In collaboration with the DevEx team we will be able to encourage creation of dApps. More dApps - more users.

Rewards fund: to be developed together with DevEx Subgov. Additional proposal.

Stage #2

Token request: 25 000 TON - upon completion of Stage 1 and public community report. Report is transferred into a proposal with the next stage development plan.

  1. DeBots Browser

DeBots is one of the key parts of Free TON infrastructure. The community can’t wait to see the power of DeBots in day-to-day life. Thus, easy to use and secure support of this feature is a must for any wallet in Free TON.

Stage #3

Token request: 25 000 TON - upon completion of Stage 2 and public community report. Report is transferred into a proposal with the next stage development plan.

  1. TIP-3 tokens
    One of the features of Free TON is the option to create your own tokens which can work within the network. We all know such tokens in ERC20, TRC20 and others. The support of TIP-3 tokens within a wallet guarantees a handy mechanism of interacting with them.

  2. Browser support: Brave

  3. Localization: Russian, Vietnamese

Stage #4

Token request: 15 000 TON - upon completion of Stage 3 and public community report. Report is transferred into a proposal with the next stage development plan.

  1. Connected sites permissions

Any web-application has to ask for permission to interact with user’s wallet. This is a common standard and yet another security-related factor for any browser-based wallet.

  1. Security audit

A service that is working with storage and management of tokens has to be audited by a third party to exclude any possible security threats. This is the rule for big companies and small teams, safety of users’ tokens is number one priority.

Budget: Additional proposal.

  1. Browser support: Opera
  2. Localization: Chinese, German

Stage #5

Token request: 15 000 TON - upon completion of Stage 4 and public community report. Report is transferred into a proposal with the next stage development plan.

  1. In-app dApp catalog

While the network is evolving and attracting more developers and users, we expect to see more dApps with different functionality and features. By the time when their number is significant, we need to have a catalogue at hand.

  1. Multi-custodian wallets support

Multisig wallets are gaining popularity due to extra safety of the tokens that they hold. Creating in-app support will allow users to enter wallet address(s) which they can sign with multisig. Creation, notifications and signing functionality included.


Totaly support. DeBots and centralized web need complements each other like site complements mobile app.


Поддерживаю один из самых удобных инструментов для лёгкого взаимодействия с экосистемой Тон


Все бы столько делали, как команда extraTON


А как можно получить Кристаллы обычному пользователю?


Участвовать в конкурсах. Их проводится много.

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ExtraTON is awesome! Free TON House totally agree!


It’s a very useful partnership. The plan is clear and detailed. Support it.


Поддерживаю, большая польза для сообщества, видно что работа ведётся непрерывно

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Поддерживаю, как вы и просили

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I support. One of the few examples when they first do it, earning a credit of trust, and only then offer a partnership.


Поддерживаю полностью!!


I support this proposal


Everybody knows my position - blockchain is for the people, thus, an understandable and human-friendly interface is a must. Totally support the work ExtraTON team is doing.


всем привет, давно мы ждали этого момента! Полностью поддерживаю!!!

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I support :handshake: :handshake: :handshake: a lot of work has been done and there is a result :+1: :+1: :+1:

In extraTON from the very beginning. From 23.11.2020 took an active part in testing extraTON. # Bugs identified have been fixed. # proposals - accepted and submitted. Now extraTON has been updated to version 0.10.0. Lightweight and convenient product. I recommend installing the extension and using it for health. The guys invested time and did a lot of work. Please support the community.


Totally support. It makes life much easier for ordinary users.


Эта идея мне нравится, поддерживаю! :+1: :+1: :+1:


Жгите ребзя ,Вы лучшие

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Удобное расширение, полностью поддерживаю!

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