Proposal: Delete any personal data

Friends, hello everyone!
I would like to make a proposal: delete any personal data from the freeton forum and accept an ethical standard, that is, do not publish the personal data of the project participants.
Yes, I was the person who opened this Pandora’s box. But due to recent events, it becomes obvious that we must take care of the protection of personal data of the participants in our project.
I ask the moderators to remove any personal data from the forum pages.

I also ask the community to take part in the discussion on the anonymization of the jury members. Failure to act in this direction in the future may become a threat to the life and health of the jury members. This doesn’t mean that we will not be able to control the work of bad/dishonest judges. I’m just talking about not tying public keys to the participants’ profiles.


Jury, sub governance, and initials are public persons


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Agree. The rating of a community member should be based on his activities inside Free TON ecosystem.


I partially agree, but only in the fact that we need a mechanism for deleting data on request. There is no need to delete all personal data, wasting a lot of time on moderation.
If the idea is in the nature of GDPR, then I agree with that.

I am very happy to see you make such a 180 turn. It takes a big man to admit his mistakes and then correct them. I bow my head to you, sir. Huge respect brother!



This is cool, I would say.

I support! Superfluous data about a person is useless. There are a bunch of mechanisms both in Telegram and on the forum to see a person’s activity.

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I support, in order to ensure the safety of participants and members of the jury. We will also need to rework the conditions for attaching submissions, personal data also appears there.

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Jury selection contests still ask for CVs, certificates and so on (and not only Jury selection contests, but the latest AIBS Dubai contest also asks for it, and participants’ personal info in submissions will stay in blockchain…)
Personally, I support selection not by CVs but by activity inside Free TON and/or make contestants run through some tests (for example ask to judge some submissions or simulate a situation).
As for avoiding multiaccounts, it’s good to arrange a call with video. I know it’s not 100% protection, but at least something.


great idea! fully support!!!

Полностью поддерживаю

Полностью поддерживаю. В сообществе сложилась культура массовой травли отдельных активистов по лишь одному какому-то подозрению. В итоге мусолят в форуме их имена/фамилии, расследования какие-то идиотские проводят, порочат людей. Атмосфера очень неприятная .

поддержу, я за анонимность.

All personal data have been removed from forum. Fully support this suggestion!

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