Program Development Contest for Free TON Brand Masters [19.08.-01.09.2020.]

Will Russian to be acceptable to write a suggestion?

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Многие пишут на русском или переводчиком пользуются. Все зависит от желания донести информацию до более обширной аудитории.


To pacticipate in contest, do I need to post proosal in this section or another?

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This contest is not approved yet. Do you have an idea for Ambassador Program Development?

Yes, I have experience as Polkadot ambassador and Polkadot Ecosystem PromoTeam founder. The practices that we have can be used at Free TON. I am interesting in such contest and work for Free TON as manager of ambassadors ecosystem

пт, 31 июл. 2020 г. в 10:59, Michael Shapkin via Free TON <>:


Very good! At this moment there are two proposals according to the Ambassadors. This one and this: Contest Proposal: Country Ambassadors for Free TON Stage 1: Ambassador Selection

Two of them under active discussion stage with community.

I think that this is good idea to make a contest for contest proposal for Brand Ambassador program!)

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I will do my proposal for Ambassadors program. Is it better to post it here - , to paticipate in contest?

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I think, all proposals should go to voting process. After It got more than 50 % “Yes”, it will be moved to active section, and you can submit then.

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This category is for Contest Proposals. To be discussed. Before they come to voting.

do you mean ambassadors in the social networks? or general ambassador

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Hi. We were thinking in general.

Hello, Alex.

I saw that the alternative contest for ambassadors was voted on and you can take part:

  1. This Contest Proposal is UPDATED!
  2. In order to not confuse this contest with a contest with a similar name, we changed the word Ambassador to Brand Masters.
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Just passed the voting!!!

More than 50% said “Yes”


Hey, Alex! We passed the voting! So, waiting for your participation! :wink: Soon it will be possible to Add the submissions.

Contest entry period
August 17, 2020 12:00 P.M UTC - August 31, 2020, 12:00 P.M UTC.



What is the difference between:

Country Ambassadors for Free TON Stage 1: Ambassador Selection

and THIS contest.

The difference is very simple. First one - is to interact Ambassadors and they will offer what they can do. Second - is to take best practices from different networks according to their Ambassadors Programs and offer the best option for Free TON. Describe the program, structure, how the program should work, how many participants and what administrative resource is needed, what kind of the content and on what resources, the management model, etc. And after the contest when judges will choose the best works it will be possible to implement like we do in Free TON Wiki. Ambassadors Programme Governance.


I would like to add that this contest is aimed at finding the best structure for the Brand Master program work. You need a clear detailed working plan with each Brand Master, an administrative apparatus that will monitor all the work of each Brand Master, a general list of tasks that the Brand Master will perform to attract new users to the Free TON as well as moderation of existing social platforms on an ongoing basis, and not just a short period of time.

Yes, in general - Ambassadors Program Governance.


[!!!Important message!!!]

This contest is active now. Due to the connection of new juries, the publication of the contest on the website will be made within a few days. You can safely prepare your work and make a submission after the contest appears on the site. I will make an additional announcement in this thread as soon as this happens. Thank you all for your participation!


Ok guys, then I’ll be the first

This is my vision for the Brand Masters program. Some " figures” may need to be adjusted, but in general I think the model is very promising and profitable for the project.

Program description:

I suggest that you consider a Brand Master program based on a referral system and performance indicators with the distribution of roles from microinfluencers to celebrities.

In this model, the Brand Masters are divided into 5 levels. And almost everyone who has a sufficient audience, the ability to attract referrals and shares the ideology of the project, can participate in the program. From a regular user with 1000 subscribers to a global star.

The whole model is based on certain indicators and the more effectively the brand Master works the more benefit It will bring to the project and increase its own reward.

The more subscribers a participant has, the greater their Entry Reward

For each attracted referral the participant receives 1 crystal

The participant receives an additional significant bonus for completing the KPI

Distribution of roles:

  1. 3 levels of Microinfluencers will be created:

Beginner - has an audience of more than 1000 subscribers in any popular social network or attracted more than 10 referrals to the project.

Profi - has an audience of more than 25,000 subscribers in any popular social network or attracted more than 100 referrals to the project.

Guru - has an audience of more than 100,000 subscribers in any popular social network or attracted more than 1,000 referrals to the project.

  1. Brand GrandMaster-has proven achievements in the FreeTon community or has an audience of more than 250,000 subscribers in any popular social network or attracted more than 10,000 referrals to the project.

  2. Celebrity is a well-Known public figure who shares the principles of decentralization and the ideas of the Freedom project. And he has an audience of more than 3 million subscribers.

  • Each role has its own KPIs, frequency, and types of mentions of the FreeTON project
  • The transition from level to level is possible not only due to subscribers, but also due to the actual results of attracting referrals to the project.

Rights and obligations:

Brand Masters should be bright representatives and leaders for their audience, who believe in FreeTON and consider the project worthy of taking a place in the vanguard of global decentralization. Sociable, honest and responsible. Know all the key data about the project, be good speakers and be able to argue your position.

The Brand Master has the right to:

  • Perform as a speaker on behalf of the project at seminars, master classes, round tables, etc.
  • Get support from the community in his own ad campaigns
  • Get professional advice on issues related to the project
  • Brand Master can rely on honest and decent reward for their work

The Brand Master should:

  • Shares his knowledge, best practices and experience about the FreeTon
  • Be involved in the project’s marketing campaigns and promote the ideas of decentralization
  • Raise awareness of the Freedom brand
  • Lobby for the project’s interests wherever available

Responsibilities Of The Brand Master:

  • Timely fulfill the obligations assumed for the competitive activity.
  • Do everything they can to successfully achieve their KPIs.
  • Create a positive attitude to the project and increase its awareness.
  • Be honest and not falsify statistics or indicators.
  • Fill out the form for the Brand Master.
  • Provide all necessary data at the request of the project Commission.

Determining the required quantity:

In this model, there is no need to limit the number of participants. The model is linked to performance indicators. Accordingly, the more the Master Brand promotes the project and fulfills the KPI, the greater the growth of the project’s audience and its capabilities.

System for monitoring the performance of duties:

A Commission of independent community members with the necessary competencies should be established to monitor the performance of duties. Perhaps it will be members of the jury, or a separately assembled Commission. The purpose of the Commission is to prevent fraud on the part of program participants.

The Commission’s goals include:

  • Verification of participants ’ profiles for the reality of the information provided.
  • Check social media pages on the subject of cheating the audience.
  • Check multi-accounts and fake referrals cheat.
  • The removal of unfair participants from participation in the program.

Members of the Commission will receive a % of the total remuneration pot of the program for their contribution.

The project community monitors the Commission’s compliance with their obligations.

Identification of regional communities and language groups for Brand Masters community leadership:

I believe that territorial borders should not exist. Each region has a value for the project! The role of microinfluriens can be played by absolutely anyone who can confirm the ownership of the account and prove the authenticity of the number of their subscribers!

As for Brand Masters And Celebrities, first of all, I suggest you consider the following:

  1. Opinion leaders of the blockchain community.
  2. Well-known investors and traders.
  3. Public people associated with the digital economy.
  4. World-class eSports players.
  5. Bloggers (YouTube, TikTol, etc.).
  6. Popular streamers.

Main tasks and conditions of remuneration for completed tasks:
Снимок экрана 2020-08-18 в 20.12.25

1.The number of subscribers should not be the total for different social networks, but specifically in one of them.

(Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram)

  1. Publications should be of high quality, dedicated to FreeTon and disclose it from the best side, as well as agitate their subscribers to join the community.

  2. Monthly reward is issued monthly at the end of the reporting period, provided that the obligations are fulfilled and the minimum KPI indicators are reached.

  3. KPI bonus is issued if the goal is reached and repeated when the goal is reached again

  4. The accounts of participants in social networks should be personal pages. Public pages related to entertainment topics and so on are not allowed

  5. Before paying reward to the candidate, he will be checked for the presence of inflated subscribers in social networks and inflated referrals.

  6. If the minimum plan for the referral program is not fulfilled, the participant’s reward is canceled or fined.

  7. Disputes are resolved by the Commission

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