Professional Poker Team

There is a huge overlap between the poker and the crypto community. It could therefore be a good idea to form a professional poker team that represents Free TON in both online and live tournaments. I’m sure we have already quite a few capable players within the community, otherwise we can recruit external professionals. This also chimes in very well with our partnership with PokerTON.

Typically, poker sponsorship works through staking deals that are both profitable for the player and the staker, so the team would be self-financing after budget allocation. Since I have experience with staking, I would be able to select players and work out the staking deals.

For online tournaments, the promotional value is low, so I would only recommend deals that are profitable for both sides. In live tournaments, players would wear Free TON apparel, or a sponsor patch, so there is some promotional value, but live tournaments are costly (international tournaments start at about 1000€), so we’d need to carefully select the players and tournaments, or offer only partial staking.