Partnership proposal: PokerTON

I haven’t played but it sounds like a great idea that is able to bring people together

привет, как вам игра?
какие ставки?

KPI EN Report

[ Jun 2 - Sep 9 ]

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круто, спасибо.

Интересная задумка, и играя на кристаллы, будто не играешь на реальные деньги и в азарт не уходишь

New token request has been accepted Free TON Community


Чтобы играть нужно иметь кристаллы?

Кроме того, что вначале дают приветственный бонус, также каждый день в 21-00 МСК проходят фриролл турниры.

надо бы поиграть как нибудь.

when will the KPI results come?

а что такое фриролл турниры?

бесплатные турниры. Каждый день в 21-00 (МСК) бесплатные турниры с призовым фондом 100 TON, по воскресеньям 500 TON

Вы мне весьма давно пообещали билеты, но так и не вручили! :smirk:

Is this a business that makes money?
All inishales shout that they dont need advertising, but here they pay for freerols and salaries for employees and promote their business.
A business that does not generate profits should exist?

Это бизнес который зарабатывает?
Все инишалы кричат, что им реклама не нужна, а тут идет оплата фриролов и зарплата сотрудникам и раскрутка своего бизнеса.
Бизнес который не генерирует прибыли должен существовать?

Thanks for the comment! Pokerton was initially made for Free TON. The whole business and tokenomics was built on TON Crystals.

We are one of the first partners - we started when the TON was not listed on any exchange - it was very difficult to explain to users what TONE is, and why they must play Poker on TON Crystals.

All allocated tokens went to the promotion and development of the product. The development of PokerTON - is the development of the whole FreeTON ecosystem.

Poker - is very hard business, its platform where users play with users.
Send its plz:) its classic fiat business. WE only on TELEGRAM, only on crypto, only on TON :slightly_smiling_face:

We are fulfilling a social mission - we introduce people to Free TON, we hosted daily Freerolls, we are one of the best use cases-users buy EVER for fiat, do direct deposits and play poker on EVER.

This business model is not about NET profit. This is a business model for catching part of the market, capitalization.
IF you need a NET profit, there are more suitable options - for example, a script casino for fiat money :wink:

We have a strong friendly community. We will continue our mission - developing Everscale community through Poker.

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You have made a very high quality product that is well supported and developed! PokerTON is something that Everscale can be proud of! :sunglasses: :v:
By the way, will you be doing a rebranding soon too?

Thanks for support!
There are no plans to rename PokerTON now.
We will update information about EVERSCALE everywhere and launch a new advertising company.


I. Intro

Dear Everscale Community :wave:

PokerTON would like to present a new report for the last working period: September 1, 2021 - March 26, 2022.

We suggest to dive into the past and remember who we are and where we started.

Free TON was launched on May 7, 2020. The first PokerTON tournament with prizes in TON Crystals was launched on May 14, 2020.

We have been one of the first Everscale partners from the start of the network launch. We had the first PokerTON tournament 7 days after the Everscale main-net launch.

Attracting new users to the Everscale Network is a part of our mission. We accumulate poker lovers to join Everscale, making it a form of play-to-earn mechanics: play poker to win tokens.

The main in-game currency in PokerTON is EVER, which makes it a great use-case for the whole network: new users join the network thruogh playing a game, with a big number of them staying in the network and beginning to use some other products of our mutual ecosystem.

At the same time, poker players win and loose tokens to each other, which requires them to purchase tokens for fiat or make direct deposits, this way supporting the network’s economy.

And of course we never forget our social mission; for over 21 months we have been hosting daily and weekly free tournaments with prize pools of 100 EVER and 500 EVER respectively, thus encouraging more and more new people to join and stay with us.

II. TOTAL stats for the entire history of Partnership

  • Total userbase: 526 727

  • Total unique users with on-chain wallets: 228 635

  • Hands played Overall: 42 000 000

  • Off-chain transactions: 12 344 985

  • Freerolls (free tournaments with prizepool) held: 2 550

  • EVER’s distributed among players in Freerolls: 144 000

  • Players (non-unique) participated in Freerolls: 397 000

  • Total messages in RU and EN telegram chats : 1 614 000

  • Total posts in RU and EN telegram channels: 1 700

  • Total posts views in RU and EN telegram channels: 1 072 000

  • Total PokerTON ADs views: over 58 000 000

III. PokerTON Promotion & Marketing

  • We have hosted 2 big Tournament Series:

    • PokerTON Winter Series with 30 000 EVER prize pool and a total of 3 400 participants

    • EVER CHANCE SERIES with 3 000 EVER prize pool and a total of 2 657 participants

    These tournaments had high guaranteed prizes and small buy-ins (from 0.1 EVER to 55 EVER). Each player had a chance to win a big prize paying a little entrance-fee.

    A massive advertising campaign was used to promote this series in Telegram.

  • We have hosted 7 special “Everscale Community Tournament” with a 3000 EVER prize pool for each tournament and 636 players taking part with 25 EVER buy-ins.


  • We have hosted 2 special Private Tournaments for ScalePunks NFT Owners. In collaboration with we provided a prize pool of 1000 EVER.

  • Since the beginnig, we have sold, distributed or gave away a lot of PokerTON merch (pcs):

    • Poker sets: 124

    • Poker table cover: 115

    • Merch (hoodies and t-shirts): 260

    • Decks of cards: 1337


Every PokerTON merch holder got bonus card with free EVER token

  • We continue to collaborate with AdGram (which accepts EVER as payment) for marketing in Telegram.

We have made 540 Ad posts about PokerTON. Here are some examples:



ADS post total views: 30 660 155

GEO: World Wide, CIS, India, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Portugal.

IV. What is already done?

  • Dec, 21st, 2021 we enabled EVER to card withdrawals.

    Now the users can both buy EVER with a card and also WITHDRAW EVER directly to the card! Currently the withdrawal solution works now only with RUB cards, but are will withdrawals to other CIS countries and Europe’s bank cards soon.

  • We have completely redesigned our social network channels and we have boosted the number of posts to our Telegram channels.

    Before rebranding:


After rebranding:


  • We have added Atomic Push game mode: 3 players join in with a fixed buy-in, and then the Random Number Generator can multiply the buy-in sum up to 240 times, making all the players go all-in.


  • A new pilot casino games was added to test

  • In August, 2021 we founded our security department

    We use the scoring tools developed and tailored for us by our partners Using them we can detect various violations of security and fraudulent actions, including multi-accounting.

    Here is some statistics to evaluate PokerTON security department performance:

    • Number of fraud cases: 403

    • Tokens seized and returned to victims of fraudsters: 4 800 EVER


  • In December 2021 additional regular freerolls with a prize pool of 10 EVER were added to be held at 10:00AM; 1:00PM; 4:00PM and 10:00PM (CET Time)

  • We have expanded the number of participants in the tournament rake race from 30 to 50 people. Players from the top 50 are given tournament tickets as rakeback (cashback).

  • We have redesigned the client mobile version (80% complete)

    Design BEFORE:


Design AFTER:


V. What’s left to do

  • 20 new avatars have been added: each player will have access to different versions of avatars.

The next grades will be sold as NFTs.


  • We are expanding beyond Telegram! Nonetheless, we will of course sustain the option to join the room via our Telegram Bot (as it works now), so the expansion will be seamless for our existing audience.

  • EVER remains one of our top-up channels and we will also add another cryptocurrency for making deposits. We are now planning to expand our product and add other networks’ tokens: thus, with multiple top-up methods we will increase the cross-chain bridge traffic for EVER.

  • We will continue and scale-up the Everscale network promotion by adding QUBE, SOON and other partnering projects’ tokens as prizes in special tournaments on PokerTON.

  • We add betting and casino games (as the main monetization method).

  • We will move towards full legalization with the addition of fiat. Thus, we are focused on expanding our audiences and bringing more liquidity for the whole Everscale ecosystem.

VI. Figures & Numbers

From September, 1st, 2021 to March, 26th, 2022 (latest report period):

Average players (Daily Freeroll): 350

Average players (Sunday Freeroll): 700

Off-chain transactions: 5 157 802

Number of users to generate fees: 11 785

Daily Active Users: 485

Monthly Active Users: 11 785


Additional commitment

  • 55 158 new unique users brought to the Everscale network (on-chain wallets created, 1 tx min)

  • 5 426 recurring paying users (unique users, who made 1 or more deposits)

This is the point where we still need your kind assistance to help all of us grow together! Although there have been commitments made for over 770k EVER, we are not considering such a wage or income: we only focus on development and promotion for all of us, users of EVERSCALE.

For the last time you need to support us: in compliance with our Partnership agreements (Amended version) and the achievement of the KPI, we ask to transfer 329 152 EVER (220 632+108 520) to PokerTON multisig at:


PROOF LINK PokerTON Report 01/09/2021 -26/03/2022 - Google Sheets

The development and promotion of PokerTON - is the development и promotion of the whole Everscale ecosystem.
All the allocated tokens went to the promotion and development of the product.

Here is why we still need your support this single time:

Poker is a very hard business and PokerTON is a platform where users play with users. The poker room charges a fee (rake) from every hand, but the maximum fee has a limit. At PokerTON the biggest rake possible at the highest limit is 7.5 EVER.

For every line of the gambling industry the main two factors are traffic growth and card deposit availability.
PokerTON was initially made for Everscale: the whole business and tokenomics was built on EVER, which inevitably created limitations for our unit economy.

Nonetheless, we have always had faith in Everscale and we deliberately joined the network for our mutual growth and development.
Even being only advertised in Telegram, being pure crypto and solely EVER, we have achieved some impressive success for you and with you - for the whole ecosystem.

With that last claim for the tokens to cover the KPI that has already been achieved we are not planning to ever part with Everscale: on the contrary, we are thus stating our project’s maturity and readiness to continue the development for all of us without a necessity to ask for more support.

VIII. Outro

We will not ask for more tokens to support us in the future. We are grateful for your help and loyalty!

We have always considered our partnership mutually beneficial and we hope the Everscale Community has done likewise.

With your help we have grown and developed, we have managed to create a big and friendly community gathering a lot of players.
We are glad we have brought the value of delivering a successful project story and use case for the ecosystem and network, as such are the guarantee of Everscale’s continuous growth and market boost.

It is now our time up as a grown-up independent project to continue our work: with your help in the past, with your kind support now and with our continuous partnership in the future :handshake:

Love poker and stay tuned,

Sincerely yours, PokerTON :orange_heart:


Отчет о выполнении KPI:

KPI Report:

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Full support! Maybe they’re should do web-version? :thinking: