Partner Offer: the TON Marketplace 🛍️


Summary table

TONs amount When Development & Support Promotion Bonuses for sellers Bonuses for buyers
50’000 Upfront 25% 25’000 10’000 7’500 7’500
50’000 After 3 months and 30% KPI 5’000 15’000 15’000 15’000
100’000 After 6 months KPI 30’000 25’000 22’500 22’500

The TON marketplace is a new platform promoting the Free TON cryptocurrency among buyers and sellers from all over the world. The portal brings online shopping to a new level of comfort and safety. We motivate businesses to accept payments in Free TON, and buyers – to pay with this cryptocurrency for common products and services without transferring it into fiat. The TON Marketplace attracts new people to the community and makes the cryptocurrency popular. The marketplace has already launched, and it operates and accepts payment in tokens.

Key components of the TON Marketplace strategy

• Selling digital goods in demand by the community - VPN / other software
• Fast onboarding of all Free TON partners who can sell goods for TON Crystal
• Affiliate system with stores that sell goods for fiat under the hood, but have a large product matrix

We will allow Tons to buy various goods for anyone who first received these tokens in some way. Thus, users will immediately feel the reality and security of tokens.
The costs are planned to be distributed as follows:
• Refinement of the platform’s functionality and maintenance - 50,000 TON Crystals (Refinement of the marketplace, refinement of integrations with Free TON, technical support for sellers and buyers, writing a knowledge base on the marketplace, writing new modules to improve and flexible the market). Create API integrations with other services. 2 PHP developers to developing new modules and integrations, etc
• Marketing and promotion - 60,000 TON Crystals. (Promo codes for cart greater than 3 TON, promotion on forums where sellers of digital goods sale their items, banner on forums, advert on crypto forums/community, sellers landing for TON promotion, etc)
• Welcome bonuses for sellers - 45,000 TON Crystals. (Only for output to TON, no conversions. Based on sale more than 50,100,500 items,etc).
• Welcome bonuses to customers - 45,000 TON Crystals. (Discount vouchers, gift points, sales [2+1, gifts for some items], free delivery, the buyer of the month, games, referrals,etc )

In 6 months it is planned to reach an audience of 20,000 users, 50+ daily purchases.

Requested amount of tokens 200,000, Advance (50/50)
50% (100,000) at the start in proportion to the points above 25,000 + 30,000 + 22,500 + 22,500; Needed for developing new modules for market (Promotion mods, referral system, sell items compensation system, direct payments to sellers wallets[trusted sellers only], banners[Inside market promotion for sellers, yes we want to allow them banner on the main page], security features, independent payment module for withdrawing (Yes, for now, I should do it manually)), API integration service for future sellers - shopify, platiru, etc… [some sellers already have goods on another market and want to copy their items with 1 click to market]. Exchange ratio. Need to parse the current exchange ratio + allow to set own exchange ratio.
Next 50% (100,000) after 6 months with good progress (reach an audience of 20,000 users, 50+ daily purchases.)

KPI for next 6 months
A registered user who made at least 2 purchases - 5 tokens (Based on reach an audience of 20,000 users, we hope to get 10% conversion. ~ 2000*5=10000 TONs for future development and promotion)
Purchase of goods - 10 tokens (I hope to have about ~2800 purchases in the next 6 months. ~2800 * 10 = 28000 TONs Needed for a new promotion for sellers and buyers, discounts and exchange ration compensation for the first time.)
Attracting sellers trading exclusively for tokens without conversions - 300 tokens once (Upon reaching 50 sales)
Total compensation (including achievement of KPI) – 238,000 Tons

The main goal is to popularize Free TON
The marketplace will be promoted on all popular social networks, search engines, and influencers. We created it to expand the Free TON community among men and women of all ages in 70 countries. Our task is to attract the use of cryptocurrency those who still do not know anything about it.
We want to contribute to the development of the market and prove to millions of people that cryptocurrency is a safe, profitable, and reliable option for cash payments.

To achieve the result, we have formed a full arsenal of tools
We have thought through dozens of nuances and created many advantages for platform users, which together ensure success:
• Promotions, promotional codes, discounts for buyers stimulate more orders.
• Welcome bonuses for sellers make launching their store on the marketplace more comfortable and profitable.
• Active advertising on the Internet educates sellers and buyers about the benefits of using the marketplace.
• Regular investments in the development of the TON Marketplace will constantly improve its usability and functionality.
• Collaborations with other innovative projects will help create even more interesting proposals and technological solutions.

Invest in a global project
The TON Marketplace is designed for a wide audience and will be useful for people from different countries, therefore it will make Free TON more popular all over the world. We plan to add the function of automatic high-quality translation of the interface into 26 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Russian, French and others.
• Bounty campaign. Administrators of channels and chats in Telegram, as well as participants in the referral program, will receive tokens for popularizing the marketplace in their country.
• Contests and prize drawings. We plan events and quests among sellers and buyers to strengthen loyalty to the marketplace.

Marketplace prospects in numbers
• 80,000 is the total number of active projected buyers at the end of 2021.
• 1000 - the expected number of sellers on the marketplace at the end of 2021.
• 100 - daily growth of the audience of buyers.

All transactions are strictly in Free TON cryptocurrency.

( The TON Marketplace is already working and goods can be paid for in TON Crystal )

If accepted, multisig wallet address for tokens:


This is working project.
After 1 week of work and without any marketing

TON Marketplace - works :white_check_mark: click to check it

Free TON Integration (Recieve payments) - works ✅ (click to check it)

Order example

Registered sellers - 11 sellers ✅ (click to check it)

24 Registered customers
534 Active products
25 :gem: already spent buy buyers

Need support from the community about TON integration? No :white_check_mark:
Has own developers - Yes :white_check_mark:

Promotion on marketplace:
Individual sellers promotion promo codes discounts for their products 3-15% TONs (Important for seller who ready to sell for TONs)
Mass promotion discount codes 1-5% TONs
Cashback categories 1-5% TONs
Attracting sellers trading exclusively for tokens without conversions - 300 tokens once (Upon reaching 50 sales)

Requested amount of tokens 100,000 Advance (50% from 200,000)

This is a working project. This is not an idea! This is not a prototype. This is not a promise to creating a marketplace, it is already a working marketplace, where everyone can SPEND TONs and EARN TONs by selling goods.


Полностью поддерживаю данный пропозал! Он может принести очень большой импульс развитию экосистемы.
Немколько замечаний:

Registered user who made at least 2 purchases - 4 tokens
Purchase of goods - 10 tokens
Attracting sellers trading exclusively for tokens without conversions - 300 tokens (Upon reaching 100 sales)

  • По поддержке необходимо сделать увязку не только с количеством покупок, но и с объемем иначе жди абуза. Т.е., например, 2 покупки на общую сумму не менее 50 тон.

  • Вознаграждение продавцов предлагаю увязать и с расширением ассортимента.

  • Хотелось бы параллельно или сразу же здесь прописать спец программу поддержки посредников между такими площадками, как алиэкспресс и покупателями. Т.е. делаешь запрос на заказ на али, платишь в тонах по текущему курсу посреднику, он, в свою очередь делает непосредственный заказ и получает свой процент. Т.е. такую поддержку можно прописать уже в этом пропозале, а можно сделать отдельный конкурс.


Good idea. What’s the current status of the project? Is there an MVP of the marketplace? or at least some of the code written or will be done from scratch?


Спасибо за предложение, продумаем все моменты

Project started, we have some items on sale. Payment in TON already done and orders automatically process. Everyone for now can create it own shop and sell items


Поддерживаю проект.
Станислав является активным членом сообщества и ни раз уже доказывал свою порядочность.

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Максимально поддерживаю идею с маркетплейсом!


There are several problems for such a marketplace. Token price is volatile, thus, you sell your item for X USD today and tomorrow might have 1/2X. Nobody will like it, plus, it will add additional pressure on price - the merchants will have to sell tokens fast.

The estimate of 100K users is very high even with a huge marketing budget.

The user-base for such a project should be vast - like 100K people around the world with TON in their Surfs.

IMHO, of course :slight_smile:


The idea of such a product is long overdue in our community. This is a necessary project.


I support the initiative. It may help to increase the Free TON’s adoption rate significantly.

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Как и рубль и многие другие валюты. Вчера он 60, а сегодня 90. Как-то пользуются 150 мильенов человек.

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Планируется ли в вашем проекте глобальная гео карта с указанием мест где можно приобрести товары или получить услуги за TON CRISTAL?

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Сделать такую карту не составит труда.
Да можно

And you’re happy with it and would like to have yet another shop with volatile prices? Doubtfully.

Нет ни одного платежного средства в мире, где вы можете быть на 100% уверены в завтрашнем его курсе. Есть чуть более надежные и чуть менее надежные.

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You must be kidding or smth but any token (stables less) are very volatile to use as an easy payment tool.

Plus, why would you buy the token to buy goods when you can buy goods directly? Oh, come on.

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Not all things you can buy with fiat + some sellers do not want to reveal their identities.


All the legal things can be bought. VPN? May be but it’s not a type of good one needs to build marketplace for.

One of the point of this partnership.
About VPN, this is one of many things which people sell with crypro

I am studying the FreeTon project and it is becoming more and more interesting for me. Thank you to the author for the information. The project team is developing an extensive service to use Ton Cristals coins.

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