Notification service β„–1

Hello there!
Submission from Radiance Team - Free TON Community
GitHub: GitHub - radianceteam/http-notification-query-provider: HTTP Notification Query Provider

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I also want to submit, but I do not understand what is the difference between the TON Wallet address and the Surf address, which is optional, but without it I cannot submit
Update. no, I was wrong

My submission
Github: GitHub - rss232/freeton
Link: Free TON Community

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GitHub: GitHub - Strafi/free-ton-notifications-service
Demo GitHub: GitHub - Strafi/free-ton-notifications-service-demo
PR to Free TON DevEX: proposal-37/submission-9/free-ton-notifications-service by Strafi Β· Pull Request #14 Β· freeton-org/devex Β· GitHub

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My submission GitHub - Arseny271/FreeTON-HttpNotificationProviderContest

api docs:

notifications bot: @ton_notifications_bot


My submission: GitHub - vcvetkovs/notification-provider

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Hello everyone, especially the judges.
The notification service did not work for a while today.
Not sure what exactly happened, maybe something with devnet, I haven’t investigated because I’m on vacation until tomorrow.

The notification service is now working again.

it seems is unstable. I do not see new messages in my Kafka, so it would be better to postpone all tests until tomorrow

My submission
Github: GitHub - rss232/freeton
Link: Free TON Community

Forgot to add, my Telegram account: @RSila

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For participants of #37 HTTP Notification Provider Contest and Jury members .
As stated in the description, we should appoint AMA-session.
There are two days left until the end of voting, so we have tomorrow (Friday) or Sunday. What day do you prefer?

Let’s define the time within an hour and make an appointment.
For participants of the #37 HTTP Notification Provider Contest AMA-session. Please select all options that suit you:

The AMA session will be held tomorrow, Saturday, October 30th in 2 stages:

  1. Saturday 08:00 GMT (11:00 MSK) the following participants are invited (and everyone else who wants!):
    1 webcounters
    2 sergemedvedev
    4 ch1seL
    6 dialouliti Ilya_axakov PolyakovAlexei inyellowbus AntonVarlamov
    7 skaisy Gitte_S UltraNihilist liketurbo
    8 RSila
    9 antonsolodkof

  2. Saturday 12:00 GMT (15:00 MSK) the following participants are invited:
    3 rukavkov
    5 telepulos
    10 successful17k
    11 giarmul
    And if somebody was late for the first stage.

I’m sorry if someone has not selected any of these time slots - it is impossible to satisfy everyone, we work for the majority of participants.
The Zoom link will be posted in DevEx chat. Stay turned!

Hi guys!
I am sorry for not being able to participate in the Zoom session, here is the link to my presentation: toncontest-rs232.mkv β€” Yandex.Disk

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There was a technical error while submitting a vote for work number 9.
My vote is 7
Comment: Node.js typescript solution. Only POST (-1). There are questions with scalability.

For all participants:

I want to apologize right away if I misunderstood or misinterpreted something in the submissions. As I understand it now, a qualitative assessment of each work, on which each team (sometimes of several people) spent a month of work, requires at least a day of working time. Those, for eleven submissions, I had to spend all two weeks of working time allocated for evaluation and do not do anything else.
Despite the fact that I began to study the works even before their final publication, I could not spend the required amount of time. Therefore, my assessments reflect my personal understanding, which may have errors and inaccuracies. I apologize in advance.


Good morning!
What are we going to do with the competition?
The participants did their job, but the judges did not.
At least in the statistics of my service there are not even attempts to register any callback
Perhaps, due to the large number of works, judges did not have enough time, as Alex said, but in the end, the assessment was very superficial.
What we do next?
We cannot accept results with only 1 judge.

The same for me: none tried to use

I wonder if submissions of this contest are going to be judged by the next set of judges.

Hello participants!
Just to making you known. At todays meeting it was decided to prolongate evaluation/voting period. So far, a period of three weeks is being discussed.
Other details are under discussion.

We propose Artem Zhdanov as a Juror and already started reviewing process. Please add him to the Jurors list. We will need time until November 21th to finish review.

Wallet: 0:ca06eec86870eb5da9a561e29ed6f095b2aa65fd1cfa330c4dbe1095c3bd93bd

Pubkey: bb6c82275b84f2135b61afe21069e5684bfd509d25163d10994c7d97abf1b96e


I will try to explain why I need so much time.
There are definitely a few leaders among the projects. and to rate them we need to do load testing.
I need time to write these tests.


If here has started new dances again, let’s create spreadsheet with certain features and ticks with yes/no. Need to compare all, some solutions have especial features, need to put in the table all to provide the exhausted review. By performance test - 100% in top will be all solutions on languages with compilers. It is not super critical feature. In 99% cases the bottleneck is network/DB config. 40-50K/s is limit for Kafka β†’ Benchmarking Kafka write throughput performance [2019 UPDATE] But it is not so matter, because we need to estimate by TON network performance β†’ limit 35-40K/s. At any case, of course it is not so representative, that the one judge, but the result won’t be different by radically. IMHO.