New year gift 🎁

Hello, like-minded forumer!)
Today I’d like to prompt an idea. The new year time is coming. It will be the first one together and the first for TON.

So I suppose that If the runners of this project launch a giveaway of 50 TON (or up to 30) as a gift for each member, it won’t be an enormous sum.

There are about 11 000 accounts. The budget of this campaign is 550,000 TON (really small). Only activated wallets will take part and activated not later then 1 December (for example)

It could the first in the TON history airdrop)

To prevent creating multi accounts, managers pls, do not show your rejection or acceptance!
Let it be a surprise!


Yeap, it’s great idea, bro

50 TON is very generous and would cause cheaters to find the way to cheat. I would propose to decrease the amount airdroppped to 5-10 TON. That is not much, not few and is affordable to Free TON imho.


Здорово!!! Отличная идея!!! Что от меня требуется, готов участвовать!

good idea, I hope everyone will support.

This would be easier if we had our forum accounts connected to our ton addresses automatically. In that way it would be easy to just reward the active members.

Можешь начать заранее платить налоги…

(If it is approved)
:slightly_smiling_face: To distribute (airdrop) users need some action.
(For example) Each user makes a high-quality new year’s publication about FreeTON in their social networks. (Links to send here)
(I Wish you all a positive new year’s mood :christmas_tree:)


Such a system of Donat rewards. I suggested it in one of the contests.
This can be improved.

А что интересно. А взамен пост о free ton у себя в соц. сетях

Many members may have more than one active wallet. I know two, they have 5 wallets

Not honestly earned in favor will not go. So friends, let’s be honest with ourselves

In general, I support such an action, people will be happy. And let’s announce that there will be such a distribution every new year. :slight_smile:

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I’m afraid that proposal is predestined to fail. Let me quote @Mitja:

Contests are the only type of proposals which should receive Public Funding from a sub-governance. If the Funding is provided to the sub-governance, it should only be used to fund Contests and no other type of funding distribution. Abuse of the system, by introducing types of Contests for which no competition is possible (such as “contractual or salary payments” in disguise) should be rejected by a Jury.

It is logical that this also applies to the main treasury.


Yes, this has been discussed more than once. After that, many proposals without contests were not accepted

The idea is very interesting, but it may not affect the token price tag very well

This will not affect a price of a token

Минусую данное предложение.
Как вы себе представляете руками собрать и отправить по 10-50 Тон кристалов на каждый кошелек? Всего лишь пару недель работы… (( Бред.

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Лучше раздавать тоны за какую-либо активность (посты в соц.сетях/ посты на других форумах о новостях проекта), это исключит повальное мульто-разведение для дропа.

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