MFCoin Network and Freeland Community Partnership Proposal


Having searched far and wide for the most adaptable and scalable network, clearly there is a synergy not only in terms of philosophy, but also in terms of internal processes between Freeland and Free TON. The only issue that Freeland has had is figuring out how to scale socially, i.e., decentralized governance. Our attempts to do it ourselves have led to forks, not just in the road, but literally, after a major DDoS attack forced us to hard fork the network. It cost us dearly.

Once we learned about Free TON and had a chance to study your network and speak with some of your members, we now understand that you have solved the social scalability issue. It also doesn’t hurt that Free TON is likely the fastest permissionless network, as well as likely the most dedicated toward a brave new world where the people come first. This is our whole principle as well.

We as a community would love to merge with Free TON and bring all of our talented developers and interesting use cases and projects with us. It only makes sense.

Who we are

MFCoin Team ( is a group of like-minded people who created the multi-chain, based not on speculative principles, but on the principles of creating a new type of relationship between people. Its genesis block was created on June 20, 2017, and the blockchain became public on July 05, 2017. The hard-fork to the Emercoin-core (totally re-scripted for MFCoin needs) happened in April 2019.

MFCoin is an experimental digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world and enables of storing information as key/value pairs in blockchain. MFCoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. For minting MFCoin uses Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Work and Auxiliary-Proof-of-Work mechanisms. MFCoin Core is the name of open source software which enables the use of this currency. The Core is released under the terms of the GPL3 license.

MFCoin is originally focused on providing services for the Freeland Virtual State (

Manifesto of Freeland

The modus operandi of most jurisdictions today is in a state of harsh crisis or even stagnation. Change is unlikely since all those systems are too rigid. However, the world around us is changing rapidly. Our idea is as simple: to create our own virtual jurisdiction with a totally new society and up-to-date means of management and control. In the long run, we could even get rid of this stagnant system throughout the whole planet and create a new one called Freeland.

The aforementioned idea has been occupying the minds of the best sophists for centuries but was technically chimerical. Any jurisdiction is run by the most ancient and inefficient tool ever – people. The only operating link between them is absolute subordination which entails corruption and crisis. Nowadays, the total failure of such a system has proven itself: most innovative technological solutions in all branches of activity are being generated outside of state control (EVs, drones, alternate network protocols, blockchain technology, crypto-currency, car-sharing, crowdfunding, social networks, just to mention a few).

Change is only possible if a new form of e-agreement is introduced for everyone, the so-called Public Agreement. The idea of such a treaty has been floating around for a while, however, it was technically impossible to implement it before. We are creating a virtual jurisdiction outside the bounds of existing jurisdictions but with the prospect of possible interaction with them. Therefore, in due course we will have to change the status of the virtual jurisdiction so it becomes a territorial one in the framework of the current international law.


We followed quite closely the first-ever on-chain merger between yourselves and the Dune Network. Our vision is similar in many respects.

We bring talent, projects, and eager people who share Free TON’s values. A merger now would mean both sides benefit both communities, and we feel a merge of the Freeland network into the Free TON community will hit a wider market and produce excellent use cases and a stellar developer pool that will be the envy of the blockchain industry.

Thanks to its advanced technical stack, fully decentralized nature, unique partnership model and growing community, Free TON has established itself as a strong contender for global adoption. For us, this is an opportunity to work on and aid in the advancement of one the best technical infrastructures available.

Together, the Freeland and Free TON communities become stronger — more than the sum of our individual parts. Further, better, faster.

We aim for a decentralized world. We have major components to offer, which will be priceless to make the next generation rocket that is Free TON not just reach the moon, but the universe at large. Let’s do that together.

Before the merger

Stage 1: Discuss this proposal on both ends. Freeland with all of our community, Free TON on your forum with yours.

Stage 2: Assess. Adjust.

Stage 3: Vote takes place on both ends. First in Freeland. If more than 50% +1 of our community members agree to the merger, then Free TON can hold its vote with its community. If both pass, the merger begins.

The mechanism

From Free TON’s side: By accepting the proposal, Free TON agrees to allocate an amount of TON Crystals equal to the value of the Freeland network.

From Freeland’s side: Community members will decide on-chain whether they want to swap their tokens with Free TON tokens. Though they are free to decide to keep their Freeland MF Coins, we expect them to support this proposal and follow the Freeland team into Free TON.

Based on community discussions, we are fully confident that once enough tokens have been committed into the swap, showing large support in the Freeland community, the real swap will take place and a change of the blockchain protocol will finalize the move.

The commit

Besides the obvious benefit to Free TON, Freeland commits to bring the following projects and development to Free TON immediately upon the merger by cost 80k TON Crystals the following copyrights:

MFCoin (logo — order #2017737348)

  • Classes: 09, 35, 36, 38, 42, 45

MFCoin (text — order #2017737349)

  • Classes: 09, 35, 36, 38, 42, 45

Domain name —

Twitter account —

YouTube account — MFCoin - YouTube

GitHub account — GitHub - MFrcoin/MFCoin: MFCoin source tree

Telegram-account — Telegram: Contact @MFCoin

For sharing usage (50/50):

Freeland (naming & text — order #2017737347)

  • Classes: 35, 36, 38, 42, 45

The merging process

  1. Validation of this proposal by the two communities in parallel. Free TON already has a process for partnership proposals and contests. Freeland also supports on-chain community elections.

  2. Development of the swapping infrastructure, during at most 3 months, including:

  3. Documentation for Freeland users on how to proceed with their tokens and how to start using their TONs on Free TON;

  4. Freeland network protocol upgrade to switch from Proof-of-Stake to Proof-of-Authority, to prevent a takeover, because of the burn of tokens/stake;

  5. Development of a smart contract on Freeland for users to send their MF Coins, have them burn and record a corresponding Free TON address on which they wish to receive their TONs;

  6. Development of a smart contract on Free TON that will automatically transfer their TONs to the Freeland network users when their MF Coins have been burned;

  7. Swap during a 3-month period. At the end of the swapping period, a specific method introduced by the protocol upgrade will block the network and prevent any new block from being added.

All the developments will be funded through traditional contests on Free TON.

The cost of the operation can be estimated as follows:

The developments for the merger will be funded through contests on the Free TON network. 181,739 TON Crystals, equivalent to the market cap of Freeland’s network 20,900,000 MFC, using a 3 months-average on Coinmarketcap between the MFC (USD$ 0.004354 on 90 days) and the TON Crystal token (USD$ 0.5007856 on 90 days).


To display our long term commitment and to ongoing development of the Free TON ecosystem, TON Crystals received by the Freeland team as part of the merger will be subject to a 3 (three) month vesting period.


I love mr.Freeman! I hope to see his cartoons about Free TON! Fully support such merge to Free TON Ecosystem!


Finally with this merger Free TON would get its virtual nation. And symbolically it is Freeland. From what I know about Freeland there is a pretty vibrant developer community. Would be great to get those guys over to our ecosystem. And of course Freeland leader and public face Pavel Muntyan… would be a great pleasure to have him as one of the vocal advocates of Free TON, along with the other leaders of Freeland as well. Last, but not least I think there are a lot of synergies around governance that we can do together with Freeland. Full support.


Great idea, fully support!!

What about passports? :joy:


Ребят поддерживаю партнерство ,это хороший толчее для всех направлений совместно

once Ivan Velikorodov wanted to create a virtual island, but here is a whole country, and even with passports.


I support.
What others will say?


вся ценность MFCoin это Мистер Фримен, сама монета MFCoin, ее разработки, домены и т.д. не нужны сети Free Ton и они ничего не стоят, зачем платить 80К не понятно за что. Объединять монеты выпущенные на эфире нет смысла.

Для Free Ton будет интересно если Мистер Фримен с его маркетингом зайдет в проект и будет создавать контент.

НЕ ПОДДЕРЖИВАЮ! Предлагаю пересмотреть условия в сторону маркетинга и контента.


Это важный комментарий, спасибо! В данном публичном офере прописано всё, что касается MFC. Однако, объединение происходит и на идеологическом уровне. Платформа Фриленда становится Free TON, а идеи Фримана и весь идеологический плацдарм тоже переходит на новые рельсы. Само собой маркетинговая часть и вся аудитория — это неотъемлемая часть данной со-интеграции. Заявляю публично и с полной ответственностью.


We do not speak about magic, we are offering collaboration of the ideas. Does that make sense?


Как комьюнити, они очень хороши. Тем более не нужно их поглощать. А технологиями могут пользоваться сколько хотят. Гоу писать смартконтракты и мосты в реальные и виртуальные миры различных сообществ.


Не кому не надо платить будут конкурсы ,читайте внимательно вы тоже можете в них принять участие

И да! Монеты выпущены не на эфире. MFCoin полностью функционирует на ядре Emercoin, которое для форка было вручную переписано под нужды Freeland.


ок, перепутал, но технологии Emercoin и ваши доработки будут не нужны Free Ton, их негде применять. А как сообщество и маркетинг и крутой видеоконтент на ютубе - это круто!

Рекомендую Вам добавить это в Ваше предложение.

сделайте тестовый мульт про Free Ton, разместите у себя на youtube канале, уверяю Вас переговоры о партнерстве пойдут значительно быстрее и возможно эффективней ))


Фриман идет медиа-поддержкой, но он не является частью актива, который переходит в TON, поэтому добавлять эту информацию не совсем корректно.


ок, но про тестовый мульт подумайте, рекомендую ))

Seems to be rather cheap but valuable offer. I support that.


Great proposal! Both communities have the same goals, and have something to help each other, need to join efforts.