Main IDEA of Fair Airdrop. Increase members exponentially

As we called Free, it should be free, there is the simplest and fairly way:

  1. As a Telegram protocol is open, and there is a lot of alternative open source telegram clients (Apps) we can choose one of them as and take it as a basis.

  2. We make the open source App, that is Telegram client and Surf functional inside together, call it like “Telegram TON” or something else, to not harm Telegram company.

  3. Every people who will download this app, and subscribes DoD should be saved as active member and should be participate in free airdrop at one of the day, when we all decide to make airdrop.

  4. To control bots - its simple, every telegram user should have mobile phone number to use it whithout the “bot” status.
    Every member should be active all the time, till airdrop will be launched. It will protect us from disposable SIM cards (I mean one time registration), if the user will use that mobile number all the time till airdrop - we may ask to reactivate app, if you want to participate in Airdrop. It’s difficult to support fake SIM cards for long and non-declared time of the launch. So, at Airdrop start we will have only active members.

5. Invitation procedure. (mandatory function, that we must have)
If you recommend this new App to someone of your friends / contacts , you and your friend should be have double coefficient in airdrop mathematics.
So, if you invite a friends - you will get more Crystals then clean new user, at another side - people, who was invited, and provide telegram username (login) of user who invited you should also be in profit, by fair double coefficient in airdrop how you friend has.
Fair - because you and you friend you invited will have equal airdrop coefficient.
As many friends you will invite - you will have better airdrop coefficient.
This simply “invitation” thing may significantly increase the target audience of active users.
We will have exponential growth of members.

  1. It will be better, if any of user may see planned airdrop amount, that he can pretend at launch.

  2. The database of invitations and relations may be open on project site to immediate view (search) but also should be backuped in blockchain or at validatator servers, in case of data lost at central server where project website hosted. Maybe the full opened list should not be full published in security reasons of our members, because it will contain telegram’s logins.
    I guess the right method - to have synchronized DB of airdrop user accross the validator’s servers, not place it in blockchain, becouse it will be used just one time - at airdrop launch.

  3. This simplest way will increase Free TON project members exponentially, and also invite new users to Telegram project, that will help Durov’s company to grow and close deals with initial investors of original TON project, which was stopped by SEC. May be our initiative will help them close the deals without sell full Telegram company for debts. We should be grateful to Durov’s works and ideas, that we use and develop now.

P.S. I hope my ideas will be seen and appreciated by key top-members of this project.
Thanks for your attention!


Surfgram? :slight_smile:

Do you suggest developing an airdrop telegram bot?
Or create a bot for a specific telegram group?
If for a group, what information and usefulness will be in this group?

I proposed the whole application with Telegram client and TON surf onboard, not a bot.

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your strategy in airdrop really good , and effective to blocked airdrop hunter that usually have alt account in campaign. so no more non active account could joined, if this program have strict rules.

An airdrop bot for TON crystals is a good idea, because that bot will attract a lot of new members. Maybe we can see something like this in the future.

  1. I’m afraid most people will prefer to stick to the official telegram app.
  2. Creating a fork of that gets frequently updated as telegram requires a lot of maintenance. I am not convinced that an airdrop is a good enough reason for that. I believe there are cheaper ways.
  3. How can you force reactivation of the phone number?
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It is not clear why are these airdrop-related forum threads are being created?

Firstly, it was a separate contest.

Secondly, there is a separate group, where all these questions were discussed and continue to be discussed.

Thirdly, if I am not mistaking, consensus was reached a while ago - crystals will not be dropped without a clear and proven merit or contribution to the project. Only for certain activities and input to the overall network.

Forth point - it is too early to talk about any kind of airdrops before Master Ludi and DePools validators will be connected to main network.

And last, but not least - you are proposing a very vulnerable model.

Connect to the Telegram group. Study the most popular airdrop contest proposals. Check the background of that question and lets move on with its further discussion.


Yes, you all provided correct critics,
I’ll make some workout and security research of this, after that I’ll try to propose of invitation methods more correctly.
May someone answer me to following questions -

  1. How many active accounts can be supported by our network at this time?
  2. Do we need in exponential growth of active accounts and patricipiants at this moment of time?

The free distribution of tuna will lead to more memberships in the TON project and help it grow. I wish success to the TON project and thank you for all the works and ideas that are well developed.

yes it will lead more member here , but i am not sure this member will stay for long time for Free TON. most of airdrop program only take quantity but its quality none, there will many fake account. we’ll see how it will work for Freeton.

The open source app idea is a good one. At least, it won’t harm telegram’s ToS services if it made to be functional together.
This is going to give the community the organic growth it needs. The airdrop program is an awesome idea and very unique among others.