Lorder can be is a TON based application

Development Sub-governance

Lorder is an open source project that aims to distribute value among the project participants. This is the initial request for tokens to determine the value of the project for the community. The requested number of tokens is 1. This is needed to test the idea


  • Notification, that Lorder is TON based project will be placed on Lorder site

Proposal specification

As part of the creation of this Sub-governance, we propose to create the following:

  1. Lorder site A message stating that Lorder application is based on TON will appear on the main landing of the site.

Initial Members

Sub Governance Initial Members (with public keys):

  1. Pavel Belik (Telegram ) – 0:6a7d048d6091bc5778673807940ef38c030bd1119166730f9547d306615b6642

Expense estimate

To achieve the stated goals, the following budget is required for a period of 7 days:

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Please, help to understand, what else can be done to correctly create such proposal?

To create a proposal, I need to know proposal key. Proposal Key - what it is, and where I can find it?

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Only initial members have a Proposal Key.
You need to convince these initial members that you are of service to them.

I see. I will try. Thank you