Let's drink for Crystals

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Alco quest in real life.




23.12.2020 - 06.01.2021


A game that will bring the community a new audience, one that isn’t obsessed with forum sign-ups and scamming, one that spends all day on the computer, but one that likes to party, party, get out and have fun.

In this game, the entire audience is divided into 2 categories:

  • The first are those who want to get drunk.
  • The seconds are the bartender who pour the drinks for those who want a drink.

Distribution takes place through the contact of the smart phones.
In other words, the 2 sides of the process sort of tap their phones with the drinkers for crystals app on.

One must be in bartender mode and the other in drinker mode.

So for every CHOK at drinkers - a coin is generated on the screen and flies to Bartender.

The bartender is then obliged to pour what he promised - (before chocking - the bartender chooses in an appendix from what he will pour to drinker and shows it)

To avoid cheating: - A bartender can not get crystals more than 3 times a day from one drinker. And at first he must show that he really is a bartender - bartenders are moderated: not necessarily a real bar - it can be a kitchen or even a mobile bar in your car - but the bartender to get the bartender accreditation for crystals - must make a presentation - with video and photo.

Next, he must give contact details of where he plans to meet his friends - it’s not a commercial activity - it’s a friendly drinking party… Only after passing moderation - can he start “to receive guests”


Hit the phone with the phone - X (but no more than 5) crystals are generated and they go to the bartender’s balance.
The app must be registered online and connected to the block chain.

The bartender must register as a pourer in order to receive crystals.

Also, to protect you from being cheated on, after a drink you need to take a picture with the bartender and send it to the app and then you can drink again.

And so up to 3 operations from a single drinker and up to 300 operations per bartender - but with different drinkers.

For example, the game could give away 100 days’ worth of crystals in this way.

300 shots - 5 crystals each - 1,500 crystals per day

10,000 bartenders

100 days
150000000 crystals

It is possible to do a speed reduction for example…

20 days 5 crystals each
20 days 4 crystals each
20 days 3 crystals each
20 days 2 crystals each
20 days 1 crystal each

It all depends on the actual activity of the audience and most importantly on the information noise - which will be created by this game

1 drinker can generate crystals no more than once a week.

1 bartender can pour every day.


The app can show whether the drinker can still generate crystals or only can buy them - and then the need for crystals starts and linkers buy them from the exchange… Need a licence etc…

The app can show drinkers (optional) and bartenders (mandatory) on a map, and allows you to chat to them via telegram.

To protect against scamming, the drinker app only generates crystals if the linker is authorized via Vkontakte or Facebook - then the app generates - and the app itself does not show the drinker’s profile to anyone - authorization is only needed to protect against scamming.

The bartender cannot generate his own crystals.

The drinker can replenish his balance with crystals and then drink more and more…

The drinker and bartender must set the same amount of crystals on the attachment before striking and only then will the drink work

For example a shot of vodka 3 crystals - the bartender puts a shot of vodka in the application - with a price of 3 crystals - and the drinker puts 3 crystals in the application - then they clink - and the crystals are magically displayed on the screen at the drinker and fly away to the bartender’s application.

One bartender can serve 100 people in 1 day.

Why drinking for crystals is more interesting?

Firstly, apart from booze, there is another theme - crypto - that can be demonstrated while drinking, meaning that the bartender and the dunker will clearly be on the same page…

The bartender gets a real application - a virtual bar in which he fills in what and how much it costs in rubles, but also when working only the price in crystals is displayed, which changes depending on the crystals on the exchange.

You can see all the bartenders on the map and negotiate a drink.

A real virtual bar where there are shelves with booze on them - indicating how much a particular product costs.

The bar could be even in a car. There could be mobile virtual bartenders who pour and drive around town

No one forbids friends to drive around town in a car and get drunk…

On the drinker’s website - there should be pictures and statistics about drinks.

Depending on how the project is being implemented, you can gradually introduce complications and promotions to attract an audience.

For example:

After each transaction - adding a photo - until we add a photo, the transaction cannot be completed.

Generally speaking, we are launching this app whether or not the community votes for it, whether or not we are allocated crystals to develop this app…

The mechanics themselves are very unconventional - and quite fun… if it doesn’t even take off, at least we’ll have a drink)))

This does not mean that I vote for a complete drunk, no, I choose bright emotions for an extended audience - with this drinking audience, it is absolutely not any stupid drunks…

I understand that the community easily allocates crystals for existing successful businesses and is reluctant to allocate just for startups and ideas, but to get a functioning global project where tokens are paid offline - this simply does not exist in the world (except for crime), there are only gaming or virtual projects. Drinkers - Will be the first decentralized offline project running on crypto tokens if you support it.

To launch Drinkers

  • will take about 3-4 months of hard work of designers and programmers will be glad if you support development with 200.000 crystals.

For further promotion of crystals offline - we will need Airdrop in portions of 1000000 crystals per month, possibly more if the community decides that the return from this partnership is sufficient.


Quite an interesting and funny idea.

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Thanks for your support, but in order to publish a partnership proposal, i need a proposal key - who would issue it?

That`s even a joke, you really think that proposal could bring any value to the community? Stop this, please

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The joke is that you all hope that the coin will take off without leaving the real world … Crystals must become competitors of bitcoin, only then they have a chance. In the history of the world, there are a lot of examples when bright and unusual ideas changed the world. This is one such case.

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Yeah, you`re totally right, bright and unsuall, but this one is not from that list.

If this idea were not interesting, in the Russian thread - Выпьем за Кристаллы - it would not have caused so many diverse responses … both clearly for and sharply against.

the mechanics of interaction between the Bartender and the Drinker in the field of entertainment have already been adopted - the brightest representatives - Tequila girls - they are not tied specifically to the bar - but pour directly into the find.

image - Tequila girla & Cryptans :slight_smile: at mining&crypto party :slight_smile:

Tequila Girls pour for Kriptans - and get crystals on their TON Wallets

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150000000 TON Crystals for drinks. It’s funny :grinning: :+1:

I shoud say It’s silly

So beautiful picture.Nice presentation.