KiloX Wallet Partnership Proposal


Telegram: Contact @kiloxbot

KiloX is a TON-centered mobile crypto wallet app. You can create a on-chain wallet in TON Blockchain, purchase Crystals with BTC, ETH, USDT and stake it right in the mobile!

We’ve been into the Free TON Community almost from the very beginning and right now we have acquisited > 40 000 users. All of them are here because of the interest in the Free TON blockchain and Community.

COOL FIGURE: our users purchased > 5 000 000 TON Crystals since the app release

Geographically, most of the users are from South Korea, but in the near future we plan a full scale worldwide expansion.

We’ve performed several advertising campaigns in Telegram and Twitter with a welcome bonus of 1 TON for a local wallet creation and several competitions. These actions have proven to be bullet-proof effective and we plan to scale it all up.

Roadmap for 2021

  • Staking - already done
  • TIP3 token support
  • Free TON DeFi ecosystem products and mechanics implementation
  • UX/UI imrovement
  • Full-scale digital marketing campaign with KPI: 150 000 - 200 000 users


The most exciting and anticipated feature which we’ve released recently was TON Crystal staking.

Staking is a strong incentive for a common user to purchase & hold TON Crystals. HODL to get rewards. The more reward is - the more users can attracted. More users = more TON purchased for staking. More TON’s staked = less TON’s circulating supply. Buying pressure + less circulating supply = upward price driver potential. Very simple here.


In order to incentivize users with staking we propose to perform:

  • Increased staking rewards
    Up to 20-30% extra staking reward offered for staking more than a certain amount. Rewards multiply with time: the longer you stake, the more rewards you get.
    (max 250 000 TON, min 100 TON)

Get 20% more rewards for staking 5 000+ TON Crystal
Get 30% more rewards for staking 25 000+ TON Crystal

  • Cashback program
    10% cashback in TONs relative to the amount of TONs purchased. Meaning: 100 TON = 110 TON.

Token request & KPI

Overall: 400 000 subsidy + 2 000 000 KPI-based

  • Staking rewards subsidy
    Estimated delivery time: up to 1 month
    Subsidy: 200 000 TON
    Extra KPI reward: monthly user reward subsidy (transparency:report via smart contract)
    Cap: 1 000 000 TON

NOTE: Subsidized staking reward distribution will be implemented via special subsidy smart contract. This smart contract will send transactions containing rewards directly into DePool whenever this reward event occurs.

  • Cashback program
    Estimated delivery time: 1-2 months
    Subsidy: 200 000 TON
    Cap: 1 000 000 TON

NOTE: Transactions from a smart contract containing cashback reward can be tracked via blockchain explorer.



Only support Korean language??
Can you support English and Chinese?

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Why do we need this wallet if there is the TON Surf ?

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This is a multicurrency wallet, it has a wide audience in Asia


Ставил этот кошелек себе как раз когда они по 1ton раздавали. Ну на уровне обычного использования никаких лагов,глюков и тому подобного не было. Но в итоге я потерял к нему Сид фразу)) так что теперь эту мою 1 ton можно смело вычитать из общего предложения))

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I have seen an advertisement for this wallet in some kind of crypto channel. But I never tried it.

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This wallet is not a TON universal because it is 24 mnemonic words.

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I don’t see any benefit from a cashback program.
As for the staking program, it’s worth supporting.

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English version of website is in progress, will be ready soon. Wallet app itself already supports English.

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Of course we need =)
More wallets (especially mobile), more other different products in TON Ecosystem - better for everyone. For example, KiloX serves as Free TON new user onboarding tool. More of that: different products allow to share marketing budgets, where the promocontent contains Free TON mentions. This gets extra brand awareness. So its very synergetical, and its just the minor part was described.


Benefits are obvious and huge: it boosts TON Crystal purchases with other cryptos! Combined with staking incentivizes to BUY & HODL. Don’t underestimate the cashback, it’s a bulletproof marketing tool.

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Don’t hesitate trying KiloX - you’re gonna love it!

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Our main audience from Korea makes sizeable TON Crystal purchases and stakes it right in app. I think its more important than compatibility at this stage, right?

In near future we plan to add different wallet initialization options to make wallet universal, like its made in a TON Wallet browser extension. We do have this feature in our roadmap, so stay in tune!

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I Like this partnership.
Need more wallets!
And gold😄


Good user base, attractive design, my support!


Thanks for the support, really appreciate! We have a long road to go =)


Good wallet! Very convenient and intuitive to use :ok_hand:

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I use wallet from my mobile phone. Very comfortably! I wish you success!

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I already use this wallet. The increased staking and cashback program is a very interesting offer. I will support you. :smile:

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