Javascript/HTML - Validator Metrics Table - Stakes, Stats and Info

Free TON should have this for our validators:

Look at the bottom of the table/page - it is open source (off topic: there is also a cool bot that we can use for tonbot features). I invited this developer to make a contest proposal for Free TON, but he did not respond. We should make one anyway. I think we can make it better with better (Free TON / style.

Please respond below with feedback and ideas. If the community likes this idea, I will make a detailed contest proposal. Also, if you are a developer, what do you think is a fair reward (1 place, 2 place, 3 place …)?


we need this tools on or site

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Wonderful idea! Just thought about DePool promotion, will be super useful

It’s in the roadmap to make a DePools board once DePools are launched in the main net. Though there could be other tools from the community as well.

Hello. Great idea. We need to find people who can implement this proposal. They will offer it as simple as possible for perception.