Is it just me that feels the special "low" of the website?

Although FreeTON’s official website was updated a few months ago, it has to be admitted that it is still very ugly.

And the content is particularly messy, which makes it difficult for new users to find what they want, depending on the layout of the content.

Of course, this can only represent my own point of view.
So I looked for other blockchain official websites for comparison, and would like to ask the community’s common opinions, do I need to optimize the official website?
Let’s have a vote.

  • Need updated
  • NO Need

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  • FreeTON official

    Can I say that it has no sense of technology, and the content is difficult to find?



  • This is the ICP official WEB
    There is a good navigation menu and a sense of technology!



There is a concise menu



I even think our brother dune’s official web is better than ours?



I invite you to read and support the request for tokens for the web and design of subgovs. The first competition that is described there is the creation of a working site - a landing page on which there will be convenient navigation and capable of attracting and not scaring off new users.

It’s already in development (will be big announcement soon), please stay tuned!

3 Likes is terrible and uninformative, just a mess. Which, in principle, corresponds to what is happening in our decentralized community. I really hope that with the rebranding and the possible creation of the Foundation, a lot will change. Still, there is something that real professionals need to do and get decent pay for it.

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totally agree!
Voting 100% agrees that a better official website needs to be re-developed