Interplanetary Ton gems blockchain project

This is come form source of blockchain technology and why we need it for future human evolution and trade. In near future we going to colonise planets Moon, Mars , Jupiter , also we going to build hotels , restaurants, pubs and space ship petrol stations around our solar system.
Everyone fights very hard in this small box called planet Earth for adoption, integration, popularity and top spot inside blockchain world. Why ? Because there is no human on this planet who can say blockchain is mine and I am make it first . So we are all first and everyone else is equally between equals .
Let’s make Ton gems first blockchain project for interplanetary trade and let’s offer them to first human mission going to colonise Mars.

Ps : Interplanetary Ton gems exotics !



Понятно, что ничего не понятно🤷‍♂️

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Предложение хорошее, но как же это осуществить?) :face_with_monocle:

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