Insta Plus Partnership Proposal

About InstaPlus

Insta Plus - is the most powerful service for Instagram promotion. Automatically subscribes to people and like their publications, but also sends bulk comments, unsubscribes from mutual and non-reciprocal subscriptions, and deletes unapproved applications with private profiles.

While the Instaplus client is engaged in other useful things, the service at this time puts likes, comments on photos, subscribes and unsubscribes from Instagram user accounts that correspond to the parameters previously specified in the settings. This “delegation of responsibilities” for routine work on Instagram can significantly save time and resources.


  • Likes

  • Subscription

  • Like + subscription

  • Unsubscribes

  • Blocking subscribers

  • Comments

  • Messages to direct

  • Auto-messages to new subscribers

  • Viewing stories

  • Auto-posting

Our project helps our audience to achieve their goals. Attract new customers, leads, advertise accounts. Our clients are many large companies in the CIS and Europe.

Our Audience and Metrics:

:small_blue_diamond:2 500 000 page views;

:small_blue_diamond:Users database 1 200 000 users;

:small_blue_diamond:700к unique users monthly;

Instaplus is a leader in the market for the provision of Instagram promotion services in the CIS since 2015. On average, 1500+ new users are registered in the service every day:

  • CPA - services;
  • Advertising arbitrations;
  • Bloggers and opinion leaders;
  • Advertising agencies;
  • SMM specialists;
  • Internet shops;
  • Startups
  • Companies

Key Instagram Statistics

  • 1 billion Instagram monthly users as of June 2018.
  • 500 million daily Instagram Stories users.
  • 110 million Instagram US users, 70 million in Brazil, and 69 million in India.
  • 34% of Instagram users aged 25-34; 31% are 18-24.
  • 51.2% of the global Instagram user base are female, 48.8% male

Based on our internal analysis, we believe that our audience is ideal for the Free TON project. This is a big step towards the mass adoption of Free TON.

Our Partnership Offer:

:fire: Promote Free TON on Instagram :fire:

Our service offers to distribute the native TON cryptocurrency to our audience using the following mechanics:

  • Acceptance of payment with TON Crystal tokens;
  • Attracting a targeted crypto audience using Insta Plus. (Crypto Celebrity Subscriptions, Likes, etc)
  • Maintaining an Instagram account of Free TON (we are as the best specialists in this area)
  • Targeted advertising on Instagram;
  • Airdrop and Reward mechanics;
  • Email marketing 1 000 000 user database (Major companies, bloggers, arbitrations)

How does it work?

We connect Free TON’s account to our service and start advertising it.

Then we set up ads. We parse the crypto audience and put likes, comments on crypto media persons, bloggers.

We make a mailing list on our user base (companies, bloggers, etc), popularizing them to install the Surf. Also, we make a series of posts about active contests of the Free TON community and involve them to participate in them.

Also, our team begins to maintain a Free TON account, publishing daily posts.

Our KPI & Goals

:gem: Initial token request: 450,000

  • Set up & integration & dev: 300,000
  • Airdrop and Reward mechanics: 150,000
  • Maintaining an Instagram account of Free TON (unlimited): 50,000
  • Targeted advertising on Instagram: 100,000
  • Commit 50,000 users for Free TON.

KPI #1

If we reach commit 50,000 users there will be secondary token request:

  • Cashback mechanics for every companies tariffs :gem:100
  • Advertising in the Worldwide countries (USA, Canada, China) + 200 000 users commit
  • Creating an additional platform for TikTok promotion (TikTok was launched in September 2016, and in the three years since its launch, it’s safe to say that it has exploded in popularity. TikTok has 800 million active users worldwide)

Token request: 1 400 000.

KPI #2

Upon reaching 200,000 users there will be third token request:

  • Creating a multi-platform for TON Crystal popularization among: Snapchat, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter promotion (by hashtags campaigns, posts creation, stories, etc) - commit 500 000 users.
  • Attracting world-class stars who are promoting through our platform - 10.
  • Creation of “brand faces” - commit 100.

Token request: 5 000 000.

Further Plans

To form a social network based on Free TON, which will unite crypto-enthusiasts for the exchange of experience, ideas, the possibility of creating their own communities (decentralized or centralized), creating smart contracts within the service for everyday purposes (purchases, sales, etc.)

Having such experience in working with social networks as ours and the user base, we will be able to build a global ecosystem (as Etoro) of this idea based on Free TON.

Thank you!

Our wallet in case the offer is accepted:



Interesting partner!


Ого инста плюс тоже снами :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: респект рады видеть




Very good partnership! We need more users from Instagram!


Partnerships are good, but we should definitely start to think clearly and wisely about the ways and amounts of given tokens. Because it directly will affect on ton crystal’s exchange rate


Hey guys what does that mean? 10 per celebrity? I bet acquisition cost is way higher than that…Maybe it is a mistype?

How does this platform work? Is this some kind of an advertising network?) I need more details on that

Awesome partnership! Good idea!


That’s a good idea. I like it🤙


Totally agree with Anesthesia. 650000 is A LOT of tokens for something that could be purchased for 399? We must do our own due diligence for every proposal and stop accepting everything just becuase they promise some users… prove first money later. 300 000 for integration? To do what exactly?


Good day! We are glad to see you on this topic. Let me answer your question.

  1. 399 rub these are the rates for our users who work with us. Of course, we are a company and we have tariffs, otherwise, why did we come to Free TON?

Our goal is to familiarize our users with the Free TON project, make a payment model in Crystals on our website, set up cashback in tokens, set up multiple accounts for Free TON promotion on Instagram (Unlimited tariff), set up an advertising campaign on Instagram Ads maintain Free TON Instagram account.

  1. We do not just promise users (as others who can’t be tracked by Simular Web), we bring them to the project. I have attached is a screenshot of the Simular Web. For Friton we do not sell tariffs, we propose to attract our user base who use our service:
  • Advertising arbitrations;
  • Bloggers;
  • Internet shops;
  • Startups;
  • Companies;
  • SMM specialists.

All those involved in marketing and promotion are focused on our platform. We will be glad to invite them to Free TON project.

  1. Regarding the request for tokens, we are requesting a quite adequate amount based on the analyzed similar offers previously received by Free TON. We have a much bigger user base. Our metrics are absolutely confirmed.

Thank you!


Hello, Clayton! Let me answer your questions.

No. There are very large PR agencies on our platform, with which we maintain good partnerships. With the help of them, we will attract about 10 worldwide movie and music stars.

Yes, there will be multi-platform for CPA. Look our MVP that we are going to improve

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Good partnership guys!:rocket::rocket::rocket:

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I totally agree with you. I think we need to spend more carefully.

So, as says, that you use some bots to simulate activity on Instagram, and it helps to “promote” Instagram accounts of your clients. It seems too “gray”. I am not sure that this will help FreeTON, rather the effect will be the opposite. shows that your service didn’t work for the whole summer:

More links

Even your screenshot shows the same picture “Sorry, but our web-service is closed”.

And how can we be sure that you don’t use the same artificial traffic to increase your site’s page views?

Hi! Please read carefully how our service works. We do not do gray cheats or something like that. Everything is absolutely legal. Everyone can follow as many people as he wants. That’s it.

Our service is working well. We can’t say about and why it works so.

Also wants to add that we have a real database of users than other partnerships that were accepted today.


Also checked. I don’t see the problems with this web site via webarchive.


Hi @Aleso.
I don’t say it’s illegal. I say it’s automated artificial activity. Your site says the same, for example: “Имитация живого общения благодаря созданию и рассылке уникальных комментариев по аккаунтам целевой аудитории.”. In English: “Simulate live communication by creating and sending unique comments on the accounts of the target audience.”.

@michaelshapkin hey, check these:

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Давайте перейдем на русский, раз вы начали. Во-первых это не мой сайт, а сайт коллег, которых мы пригласили в проект. У которых в отличии от World of Dogs и других партнерств есть реальная аудитория.

Рекомендую ознакомиться с предложением еще раз, т.к они планируют продвигать проект именно среди их аудитории (те кто используют сервис: PR агенства, маркетологи, арбитражники, смм специалисты). Разве не такая аудитория нужна проекту? Трафик здесь абсолютно реальный, если вы об этом. Касательно веб архива и его работы (как он отображает) утверждать сложно. Проект ни разу за свое время не останавливался и не собирается.

We can not switch to Russian here or we will move that topic under Russian community forum.
The “traffic” and “real users” are not enough just by themselves. We need a use keys for Free TON and just a promotion on some platform like Instagram does not make the compelling case of Free TON adoption.
What you have is not your users, its instagram users. You are not owning instagram platform, you don’t have any self sustainable product — its a promotional software created to promote something else on somebody else’s platform using fake activities.
Personally I don’t think its a compelling case for Free TON User Giver.