Ideas competition Free Ton Creative & DeSupport SG group

Good afternoon, we form ideas for further implementation, in the chat of the Free Ton Creative & DeSupport SG group, a link in the telegram @CDSSG, all proposals will be placed in a table then put to a vote.
Those who receive at least 30% of votes from all submitted applications will be rewarded with 10Ton , i.e. if 100 ideas are submitted “for implementation, 30% with the largest number will be selected !!!” votes will be collected for the applications from the date of publication of this proposal until 12/18/2020.
This proposal is not from the initials or subgov, this is a proposal from the Free Ton Creative & DeSupport SG group team. In the future, based on the best proposals, a proposal for each will be formed and put to a vote
Ideas are accepted with the hashtag # idea in the @CDSSG chat. All ideas that do not violate the laws of countries are accepted.

Everyone who wants to support the Free Ton Creative & DeSupport SG group ideas competition in terms of the formation of the prize fund can send to the address: