How to send contest application

“We also want to remind you that on Monday the previous contests ( will end. We recommend you to hurry up and send your applications😉”

got a basic question how to send a contest application.
Do you mean just publish the application in the forum thread?
I dont see another option, but I do think I remember that someone mentioned in a live stream that contest applications should be sent (in the future).
So I guess as at least I am a bit confused by the use of the word “send”, would not hurt to just let people know how to send applications and maybe also a recommondation in which form.



That’s right. This Tuesday, June 2 at 14-00 CET this is one of the topics that will be addressed. Here’s the agenda for Tuesday’s live stream:

  1. Website features for contests submission and jury voting.
  2. Validators contest specifications discussion.
  3. Roadmap: What does it mean to finish TON code as per original whitepaper (Free TON Roadmap)
  4. Q&A
submission possible for the first 3 contests

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