Hardware Device App Contest - Part 1. Ledger

Hardware Device App Contest
Part 1. Ledger

Short Description
Create a Free TON app for Ledger.

Free TON holders need a secure offline way to keep custody of their tokens. Contest submissions should provide a secure and easy app compatible with Ledger.com’s devices and policies.

11 November 2020 – 25 December 2020 UTC 23.59

General requirements
Participants should provide a BOLOS application source code, written in C. https://ledger.readthedocs.io/en/latest/additional/publishing_an_app.html

The app should:

  • work in a correct and secure manner and satisfy Ledger security guidelines;
  • verify the given Free TON public address on the Ledger device;
  • display transaction information before allowing signature
  • have a possibility to reject a transaction on the Ledger device;
  • have a possibility to sign a transaction on the Ledger device;
  • and the source code should be well documented.

Evaluation criteria

  1. Security/Privacy protection
  2. Quality of code and description
  3. Work as advertised, perform its stated functions

1 place — 120,000
2 place — 50,000
3 place — 30,000

The jury

  • Jurors whose team(s) intend to participate in this contest by providing submissions lose their right to vote in this contest.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 1 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting if they feel unqualified to judge.
  • Jurors will provide feedback on your submissions.
  • Duplicate, modifications of another submission, sub par, incomplete or inappropriate submissions will be rejected.
  • Voting period is 15 days.

Jury rewards
An amount equal to 5% of the sum total of all total tokens actually awarded to winners of this contest will be divided equally between all jurors who vote and provide feedback. Both voting and feedback are mandatory in order to collect this reward.

Procedural requirements

  • Because of the very specific nature of this contest only 1 submission per team is acceptable.
  • Submissions should not be a modified version of another submission.
  • All submissions must be accessible for the jury to open and view, so please double-check your submission. If the submission is inaccessible or does not fit the criteria described, the submission may be rejected by jurors.
  • Contestants must submit their work before the closing of the filing of submissions. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count.
  • If your submission has links to the work performed, the content of those links must have the contestant’s contact details, preferably a Telegram ID so jurors can match it and verify who the work belongs to. If not, your submission may be rejected.

Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute tokens to US citizens or US entities.


Hello! A very good proposal!


Да, за такую работу и монет не жалко.


Hardware support for Free TON is most welcome!


Timely proposal and very much needed in the ecosystem.


20 days for such a task is kinda insane. 2 months required, at least.

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Super idea, we definetly need hardware wallets for TON Crystals

Rather than bringing in hardware wallets as partners who will ask for up front this and give us that, instead, why not create your own. Good idea.

Hard ware wallet is more effective way how to safety assets when saving ling or short term, I think TON awesome ideas when launching good hardware wallet and take more advantage for the futre.

Всё это полная хуйня. Для разработки этого предложения нужно минимум пол года

Strange proposal: Why hardware part are predefined, and has no any alternative. Contest timing is not real for developing from begining. Specified time is not sufficient even be enough for this device to be delivered.

The competition was sawn under itself with the ready work, for such a short time no one can not compete. It is possible to leave the competition and to reduce the award 1. 1000, 2. 500, 3. 250 rubles. This will be fair.

Good idea ,i support that :+1:

The app published on Ledger will be pushed out to all Ledger hardware devices in the world. There is no need for physical delivery. This contest is specifically for Ledger, because it is the largest hardware wallet by a huge margin in the world.

It is important to have an app with highest standard, which requires participation from quality developers. It is most likely better to increase the duration rather than reducing reward.


I would disagree. I checked with my tech guys and they say the term is feasible.

As for Ledger itself I’m not surprised as it’s a widely used solution. If you add, say, Trezor to this contest, it would double the budget, so better run this in a separate contest.

видимо уже есть готовое решение и за него сейчас хотят получить награду

Hello! Is it possible to implement an application in Rust?

Hi, dear community!

Here is our BOLOS application for the Ledger device

Be the only one in charge of your Free TON Crystal.

Link to GitHub:

How it works video demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVHLJHUNEJU&feature=youtu.be

Email: lykovaleksey@enaza.pro
Telegram: @lykovaleksey

Free TON Address: 0:d266dea071ab59a98bb50c722dbe68358c5d5a4cd29ecdb4412b82198e7a4b2a

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Free TON app for Ledger Nano S/X devices

GitHub: https://github.com/SolderingArmor/ledger-app-freeton
Author: Anton Platonov
Email: kote.mew@gmail.com
Telegram: @SuperArmor
Free TON address: 0:cba39007bdb0f025aac0609b25e96a7d2153f06d22fa47b5f6c26cf756b8b2d6

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