Guide creation/translation Spanish Contest

Stage I

Short description

Contest to offer the Hispanic community documentation in their language and make
it easier for people without knowledge to use the platform.

23.05.2020 – 15.06.2020 at 12:00 PM UTC

The main reason for this contest is to make the use of TON more accessible to the Hispanic community, creating documentation adapted to their language and facilitate the use of resources.

General requirements:

  • It is important that all the guides are accompanied by images whenever possible
  • Use the forum ( to post the tutorials/guides
  • Join Spanish Telegram Chat: @TON_es


  • Translate documents from
  • Create guides, videos, …

Evaluation criteria and Winning conditions:

  • Understandable and correct text in orthographic terms
  • Text support with images or videos
  • That the text has more than 500 words
  • Quality of the videos

For each tutorial/guide:
1- Only Text = 1 TON/per post
2 – Text + Images = 1,5 TONs/per post
3 – Text + Images + Video = 3 TONs/per post