Global Community Sub-Governance Proposal (closed)



This document describes a way to implement governance for the Free TON Global Community Sub-Governance similar to (

Previous Activities.

Various activities were carried out for several months. Launch of the contests, forum users supporting, two Sub-Governances work (Wiki & Ambassadors), development of the programs, bounty company launch. AMA-sessions and zoom calls with Ambassadors etc. Attraction of people to the Free TON, training and integration into community. More than 300 active people were engaged and 200 new community members. A lot of Ambassadors applications from different countries, 60+ contest submissions and different programs. 36 jury submissions. We have doubled the activity and attendance on the forum, and much, much more. PROOF OF HARD WORK.


This Sub-Governance is created with the aim of developing and growing an active community of enthusiasts, partners and organizations as a common decentralized Free TON ECOSYSTEM.


The goal of the Global Community Sub-Governance is to grow the community with tools, contests, programs and partnerships created in a decentralized way.

Main Tasks

  1. Global community development. People engaging from different countries of the world. Interaction with language groups in the Free TON. Support.
  2. Engaging organizations and partnerships to develop a global community.
  3. Creation, development, launch and support of all the necessary tools to ensure the work of the Global Community Sub-Governance.
  4. Preparation, launch and support of programs.
  5. Preparation, launch and support of various contests and activities.

Initial Members

Names Telegram Handle Pubkey
Jevgenij Limonov @JevgenijLimonov b8533242e79ab167d78b030d777ea3ec8b0356c7c181f21a25bcf67552b51c7d
Alimov Pavel @alimovpavel c3412bcc8e90f72c408cd487cd869b4c3c2776a7e78c63181b7d5ef760b5bce3
Alexey T (฿ulbash) @Bulbash666 7b9fd782613a8fac23527ddb28ab2129e71e08bfaaad73123af66959b9680c61
Nikolay Kotukh @Zhytie_Moe 3afcb67723ff2637f91575798f8deafabca986b58c2fa6cc43780c423b8e7af2
Stanislav (Epidemia) @epidemia777 a697087a0f9e4e32eee2a4ec43fa2e485ca45e2ba292e63bf24d5b4ee63d5b08
Vladimir (bubbalex) @bubbalex 96f1cd3caac8263db5d1a370274d109110f3c79d26fd4aa12980895ce379e164
Yuriy L @Deepprime 5a3a244a98d7a880b911456e4da9f956793232baea57c2e36101086320f78ecd
Ashutosh Nandan @am_kira 85655e78995c570fa8601ce99a3ed2c0b39816cd1023d65b4c3021fba7961d05
Ayato slaw @ayatoslaw db516ce7d27a45a45cf01bd24a572a512c3fe09e4999f9f467063fd10c6ed231
John Kanyiri @JKanyiri e2bda98edb2c5f749c804196a75a651fdc090751158d5e5e84b44f1948ef3dd6
Hector Hermano @h_h_c 0e507a4a2a051e1df3cfe722200250105204626dff896b9384a065f960446574


  1. Jevgenij Limonov - entrepreneur, social groups owner, wiki active community member.
  2. Alimov Pavel - 2006-2010 Business Analyst 2010-2018 Project Managment, Perfomance Marketing, Consulting, Business Development. 2018-2020 IT enterpreneur, crypto enthusiast, Free Ton Validator.
  3. Alexey T (฿ulbash) - Search for new partnerships, enthusiast, information support in telegram chats.
  4. Nikolay Kotukh - Financier, lawyer, entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast (search for new partnerships and enthusiasts; assistance in drafting and writing proposals; analysis of submitted applications and their processing).
  5. Stanislav (Epidemia) - Crypto enthusiast from 2017, cryptoforum administrator, community management.
  6. Vladimir (bubbalex) - Blockchain enthusiast since 2017, senior marketing, bounty and community manager, translator, brand ambassador, designer. Creator and author in own blockchain media.
  7. Yuriy L - Salesman and support specialist, crypto enthusiast, author, translator, presenter.
  8. Ashutosh Nandan - Entrepreneur, Developer, Crypto Enthusiast, Active Member in FreeTON from Day one of Launch, have experience in founding IT sector startups and dealing with global clients.
  9. Ayato slaw - Blockchain enthusiast since 2016, forum moderator, business partners in exchanges, community managers, and moderators in several blockchain projects.
  10. John Kanyiri - 1992: Business Administration and Finance - Universal College. 1992-1997: Operations Manager - Mediacity Consultants Ltd. In charge of - BARCLAYS BANK, KENYA BREWERIES, TWIGA CHEMICALS AND KENYA COMMERCIAL BANK ACCOUNTS. 1997-2004: Managing Director - Crater Computer Systems. 2004 - Todate: Founder and Managing Director - Data Functions. 2013: Data recovery and Analysis Certification - Salvation Data Institute. 2016 - Todate Angazia Savings and Credit Society - Founder Member Youth Mentorship program volunteer. 2020 - Todate: FreeTon Network - Community Mobilizer.
  11. Hector Hermano - Entrepreneur 5+ years. Free TON México Subgovernance.


  1. The Global Community Sub-Governance Initial Members form the initial Jury until the Jury Contest is held.
  2. The adoption of global leaders will be implemented within a month after the launch of Sub-governance. We will prepare information for all leaders.

Budget Estimate

Budget is required for a period of 3 months after launch:

Description Estimate, TON Crystal
Monthly Subgovernance Support
Launching and holding new community activities and public events
Communication and interaction with Ambassadors, negotiations
Launch and conduct of all current, payment of rewards to Ambassadors (upon reaching the declarated KPIs)
Adapting existing workflows to current tasks
Supporting Ambassadors to the succesful implementation of programs
Sumbmission Support
International community development support
Budgetind of all new activities
Final result analytics of first step to calculate price of action
Basic reporting system creation
Subtotal for implementation and support for 3 months 90 000 TON Crystal
Multisig Development
Redeployment of smartcontracts
Subtotal for development for 3 monts 6 000 TON Crystal
Budget for general Activities for Global Community
Launch of 4 contests (In the first month)
Launch of the Jury Contest
Community ideas implementation
Searching for potential partners - Integration
Development of the local directions for Ambassadors
Audience support
Activity in social networks, forums
Subtotal for general Activities for 3 months 300 000 TON Crystal
Team rewards for succesful KPI’s (8%) 21 600 TON Crystal
Total: 417 600 TON Crystal
1) Contests launch for:
- social networks,
-forums (more than 20 forums)
-other information platforms;
2) SG social networks accounts launch;
3) Selection of experienced participants for each SG social network for content creation (in parallel with item 2)
4) Ambassadors workflow:
- selection of high-quality offers;
- competitive proposals generation from selected offers ;
5) Jury selection contest;
6) Potential partners search and agreements;
7) Listings on aggregators,platforms and services
Subtotal for stage 1 - 100 000 TON Crystal
1) Motivational work with jury members;
2) Contests continuation for social networks, forums (more than 20 forums) and other information platforms;
3) Conducting contests directly on SG social networks
4) Creating and launching contests for Ambassadors;
5) Ambassadors workflow:
- selection of high-quality offers;
- competitive proposals generation from selected offers ;
- voting on offers selected at the first stage;
- further programs implementation;
6) Ambassadors programs test launch and implementation, gather statistics for effectiveness analyze and generate KPIs;
7) Potential partners search and agreements;
8) Listings on aggregators,platforms and services
Subtotal for stage 2 - 150 000 TON Crystal
1) Contests continuation for social networks, forums (more than 20 forums) and other information platforms;
2) Contests continuation on SG social networks;
3) Ambassadors workflow:
- selection of high-quality offers;
- competitive proposals generation from selected offers ;
- voting on offers selected at the first stage;
- further programs implementation ;
4) Video contests launch (video bloggers, etc.);
5) Potential partners search and agreements;
6) Listings on aggregators,platforms and services
7) Other activities aimed at expanding the community and awareness of Free TON in the world.
Subtotal for stage 3 - 167 000 TON Crystal

Global Community Sub-Governance multisig wallet:



Twitter -

Golos -


We are still tuned​:thinking: to here the latest update. I will also join and view it through provided link. Thanks for the information :wink:


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I have no idea what this is. It’s called global community but everyone seems to be talking in Russian in there. Even the pinned post is in Russian language. Have i misunderstood something? I don’t speak russian, so i might have missed the point.



Not so fast. We will also launch the English stream.


Global Community Government который в группе в телеграмме общается на русском языке? Вам окей называть своей целью Global community development. People engaging from different countries of the world. И отправлять людей на чат в котором русский язык? Что происходит? Вас там 8 человек. Не ужели никого это не смутило? Выглядит ужасно, я не поддерживаю такие локально-гломбальные инициативы.

Global Community Government which have russian chat only? It’s okay from your point of view? Looks awful, I am not support local global activities.


Totally agree. They seem to be scoffing


What does mean stream? People want to have ability to participate in discussion. Looks like you do something locally and then present to community. If you want to build global government you must think globally.


If you decided that it’s all that simple - take and run a project in Free TON, then you can go and try to do it yourself.


Sorry, with all respect to you and your team. Just my thoughts


We have been working day and night for many months and receive cuffs from all sides. I think this is not correct. If we do not work together and do not do one thing, but simply someone does, and someone from the outside evaluates it, then there is no cooperation. There is no interaction. If you can really help with something, then just come and do the staff with us. We are always glad to have great guys in the team.


What would you like to do together?


Dear Colleagues!

Global Community Sub-Governance Proposal has been sent to Governance members for review. As everyone knows, Global Community Sub-Governance is created as a division of Ambassadors Subgovernance into two parts. Each of them will work and do part of those activities that have already been started there but will have its own bias.

I would like to ask everyone to support the thread on the forum to inform the international community about our plans and upcoming activities that we have discussed recently. Thanks.


Respect. I don’t even know what to add to these words :grinning:


Open and friendly invitation for everybody to join cooperative work on building really global community👍


The fact that current team is Russian-speaking doesn’t mean it can’t be Global Community, I know both languages and working for a long time as a Global Ambassador in many projects, even if Russian is my native. This Subgovernance is going to launch an events to attract new people to the project from all around the world and there will be English group as well, current group was created recently because Ambassador Subgovernance was closed.


So this subgovernance will handle the stage 2 ambassadors contest?


At the moment I do not know the answer to this question. As soon as I know, I’ll let you know.


Is this the result of the discord ambassador’s subgov? I am already confused in all this.