"Giver Moderators" for Free TON Telegram Channels

Combot is already working with crystals (very impressive!). I think we should give crystals to respected community members (such as @Roman_D, @am_kira, and @Grigoriy2000 who are regularly in the chats to !tip and !rain crystals to other members the channels (focusing on new, high-quality members). This will create hype and bring new members to the channels and community. Also, the “giver-mods” can reward other community members that provide high-quality answers and support to new (and old) members.

If the community/governance thinks this is a good idea, we can add nominations below for giver-mods and vote/favorite (like we did for crypto angels). I think we should have one or two giver-mods in each channel (in very different time zones, if possible). They can be given an allocation for one week or month (for example, 100 TONs/week) to !tip and !rain to other channel members. If they do a good (and honest) job, they can be given additional allocations. The giver-mods should also be rewarded (for example 50 TONs/week) for their time and support. These amounts should be adjusted as exchange prices change.

I do have some concerns about this idea - this could bring too much low-quality traffic that is only looking for free crystals. If we see this happening, we can stop or reduce the allocations. Also, the giver-mods should be careful to not “rain” too much. They should focus on rewarding positive, constructive behavior - TONs should be “earned”, not randomly given away or rained/airdropped, IMO.

If this idea is popular, I will add more structure and details to this proposal.


Hello. Great idea and act out every night among the participants.


Proud to be here. Good job

Good idea, but not to rain for just members that happen to be “active” those could be bots for all we know or attract bots to join. But to active member who have earned it for sure.

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Hi I am new to this community. Is tip being offered in every Free TON Telegram channels to the active community members ?