FUD, flood, provocateurs. WANTED

There are many wonderful people in this community

A lot of progressive ideas, thoughts, opinions. The very idea of the project inspires Great Achievements!

But as in any organism, not all cells of the body work smoothly. And sometimes there are diseases.
We can get sick for a long time, or we can harden the immune system.

The best treatment is prevention! And for the prevention of the immune system of our community, I want to offer a simple way.

  1. When you meet a pure and frank provocation to the negative from other participants.

  2. When you often notice a frank flood in conversations.

  3. When you observe uncultured, openly boorish behavior towards other participants.

  4. When you read outright FUD and other manipulations of people.

  5. When you notice that a useful conversation is drowned out by someone shouting.

Then you know, this is a destructive activity. This is a disease that needs to be treated.

If nothing is done, this disease will begin to progress and affect quite healthy people, but with weak immunity.

With the help of manipulations and provocations, such people destroy the project. They destroy the community.

They don’t do any good. And they can pursue their own personal interests by provoking hatred in people. This is a destructive activity.

How to solve this problem

If you see such activity very often, take a screenshot of such messages.
Save the name of the user who conducts such activity. And post it in this topic on the forum.

If you don’t want to do this in person, send it to me in private messages on the forum.
And periodically I will make publications about such people in this topic.

The community should see such people and know them by sight.
So that when you meet them in a chat or on a forum, you do not pay attention to these provocateurs.

And the more we know about their destructive activities, the more their true motive will be clear.

The negativity within the community can heal itself very easily. So far, this negativity has not begun to break out, to external Internet resources.
You just have to put a little effort into it.

The contest without prizes

When there are a sufficient amount of evidence of destructive activities on the part of specific individuals.

You can make a rating based on proven and confirmed information.

  • The best provocateur.

  • The best whiner ever. etc.

The community should know its “Heroes” by sight.


Good work Trofimovich Pavel Morozov