Free TON Wiki is looking for authors, editors, and moderators

We are looking for competent Free TON article writers, content editors, and Wiki moderators.

The Free TON Wiki is now available in English, Russian and Korean. Additional languages will be added at the request of the community if a team is formed to support the Wiki in that language.

Free TON Wiki wallet:

How to become a member of the Free TON Wiki team?

  1. Explore how the Wiki works (see below)
  2. Fill out this application form
  3. If approved, you will receive permission to edit content

We also invite future team members to the international Wiki chat.

The Wiki team reward system will be developed and published soon. Early birds on the team can gain some benefits.

How does Wiki work?

The Free TON Wiki is powered by the lightweight, fast, and open-source DokuWiki engine. There you can find the most detailed help and assistance in almost any language. However, we have moved a few articles on how to get started to the Free TON Wiki so that important information is at hand.

What do you need to know?

Some difficulties to understand maybe with the “namespace”. In simple terms, these are “folders” and “paths” within the Wiki structure, similar to files in the file system.

As for the wiki syntax and creating new articles, they are intuitively simple. As with any wiki engine, you can start creating and editing articles immediately without any special knowledge.

It is still recommended that you review these links before you start:

Wiki structure

All authors and editors should be familiar with the structure of the Wiki. The national wiki sections in different languages are now synchronized through a single structure. This means that articles in different languages are located along the same “path” in the namespace, for example:

As you can see, these links differ only in the pointer to the namespace, each of which points to EN, RU, KO languages, respectively.

The site map will help you navigate the existing structure. You will find it in the All Pages menu. Click on folders to expand them and see the structure.

Adding new articles while maintaining the structure

To keep the national sections in sync, when adding a new article, write down the human-readable URL for it in English, for example (domain omitted for clarity):

  • en:section:my-article-title
  • ru:section:my-article-title
  • ko:section:my-article-title

Besides, such similar links ensure that text created in one language is automatically pulled into the editing window when creating the same article in another language.

Please DO NOT use national alphabets for URLs to avoid ugly encoded URLs like %D1%81%D1%82%D0%B0%D1%82%D1%8C%D1%8F. This will destroy a single synchronized structure for different national languages.

Use lowercase English letters and numbers for URLs of articles and sections. The “-” (minus) sign is recommended to separate words to keep the style consistent.

Of course, article titles (not URLs) can and should be in your national language. Use the H1 tag within the body of the article to indicate the title of the article.

Adding sections, namespaces or changing the structure

If you want to:

  • Add a new section to Wiki
  • Create a new section structure that better meets the needs of the community
  • Having trouble maintaining the correct structure when adding an article

In these cases, write in the Wiki chat what you want to do before you start serious edits to the Wiki structure. Note that unreconciled major changes can be rolled back to their original state.

Still have questions?

We are waiting for your comments on the topic or the Wiki chat.


Nice to see the FreeTON wiki has been started finally! :slight_smile:
I want to become a content author and editor on this wiki. I’d happy to share my knowledge on TON/FreeTON ecosystem with others, you can see my activity in FreeTON Telegram groups since the beginning of May 2020, as my Telegram nickname is (you can notice my forum nickname in the “about” field of this Telegram account as the proof of owning it), so I have some knowledge in IT and TON/FreeTON technical particulars. My username on this wiki is aeramin.


Welcome, you would be approved as a Wiki editor. :slightly_smiling_face:
Please make sure you read and understand all the information in the start post before starting.


Join Wiki project, it will be interesting!


very good project. in my experience many people (even devs) don’t work with a system because it is difficult to learn it.


:exclamation: An application form for new members of the Wiki team has been made.

Now there is no need to write your data in this topic. Instead, please fill out the above form.


Great idea for a crypto project !

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Fantastic! A nice way to move the project, forward.

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more language added in Free ton Wiki it will attract more community over the world. understanding Free TOn will be more easier for them. hopefully i could joined in this wiki project


You started a good job and continued very well :+1:

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