Free TON Wiki Engine Setup

Source: Free TON Wiki Engine Setup on Github

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This describes the technical configuration and setup of the Free TON Wiki website so that the Free TON community can contribute to the technical support of this encyclopedia.

Free TON Wiki uses the Dokuwiki engine and some plugins:

The main settings are located in the file /conf/local.php. Some parameter values have been hidden for security reasons.

Free TON Wiki Sandbox

To enable members of the Free TON community to learn, test, and improve the Wiki, we have deployed the Free TON Wiki Sandbox to a subdomain of the main site. The sandbox site strives to faithfully replicate all settings and technical settings of the original Free TON Wiki with the following exceptions:

  • Content corresponds to the Dokuwiki installation out of the box
  • SMTP Plugin and mail settings are missing
  • User registration is disabled and emails are not delivered
  • Minor design changes to avoid confusion with the main site

To enter the sandbox site, you can use the following data:

As an admin:
Login: admin
Pass: admin0214987653214

As user:
Login: user
Pass: user35872014785139

ATTENTION! The sandbox site is automatically rolled back to its original state every day at 03:00 UTC. Save your changes and/or configuration file to avoid data loss!

Members of the Free TON community can also obtain FTP credentials to access the sandbox site. Contact the Free TON Wiki chat administrators.

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Free TON Wiki Chat RU