Free TON Virtual Hero by GramKit

Why Giraffe?

Giraffes can live in herds, bur they don’t have any leaders inside these
herds. It looks like decentralization.

Giraffes are tall, they can see far away, which means they know everything
ahead. This refers to the foresight of representatives of the Free TON

Giraffes can move at high speed — and the platform also develops quickly.

Due to stature, can jump through high barriers. Similarly, we always try to overcome obstacles and solve complex problems related to different aspects of Free TON.

Giraffes are free. They can live alone, leave their relatives, adjoin them. Freedom of speech,
ensorship and transactions is one of the most important features of Free TON.

Giraffes can protect themselves and their families, they are strong. They
care about security. Representatives of the community feel the same way, especially when they have to protect the information and TON Crystal.

Giraffe is a real and serious animal. It will become a worthy face of Free TON.


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