Free TON + TOR hidden-subgovernance

Proposal: Free TON TOR hidden-subgovernance


-Every day about 30000+ hidden services announce themselves to the hidden service directories

-2 million users visit the TOR network every day

-99% of the network knows about cryptocurrency, so our main task is to popularize FreeTON

Our team consists of 6 members. We are the guarantors of transactions on many forums.

We make about 150 transactions through per day. Fo r our clients, the main thing is safety and speed. We checked the work of FreeTON and we liked it. We hope our clients will appreciate too.

The average purchase price is 50 USDT. To start popularizing FreeTON - we will organize a gift of 10% of the purchase, but no more than 10 Ton Cristal for each user. Also, all transactions can be overridden in Ton Cristal. We will post the report on our work in links in open sources

We do not sell drugs, weapons, people.

We are sorry, but we will not communicate with anyone. We adhere to the rules of anonymity.

We’ll just keep our commitments !

Stage #1.

Timing Spending
Creating Web side, Exchanger* and Mixer in .onion 2 week 3000
Gifts for first 1000 users 1 week 7500
Advertising FreeTON on TOR sites - 50 sites and forums 1 month 3600

TOTAL 14100

*The exchanger will be implemented from our own funds

Our wallet


If you like our work - we will continue……………………

*****this account was created only for presentation !!! Any attempts to write on my behalf are IMPOSSIBLE! in text 1 EE. My next post will reveal EE for confirmation!



Hello. Is your exchanger on the Illegal transactions are usually used in tor, is this your line of business?

Very nice guys i support it

Great idea. I support.

the idea is good, I fully support

It is a good suggestion. I fully support.

I support, I like this idea

it’s really good idea

Good, support it! I’m for!

This is exactly what you need!

I like this proposal! From some sources, TOR trading volumes are in the billions of dollars. If they switch from bitcoin to crystals, it will be the most powerful promotion.

You decided to use multi-accounts to promote your proposal?

it’s really good idea

Finally! This what we need!

Great idea! I am for! That’s cool!

I support, the idea is good

A good thing, with both hands behind.

I support, the idea is good, the main thing is to implement it correctly

I do not support this idea. I do not know who and why will use it.