Free TON to Binance Smart Chain bridge

Hi guys!

I was wondering what is stopping us from creating a contest for a bridge to BSC? I’m not a tech guru, thus, might be missing some downsides of such a contest.

What are the pros? Well, just open Trust Wallet (or use Metamask) and see what crazy activity is there. With swaps, LP, farming and all. It seems that CZ is planning to build a hell of a ecosystem and be the emperor of all crypto.

Would be happy to hear your opinions on the matter. Thanks.


my personal feeling on this matter may be incomplete and sound like fairytale but anyway:

there are ~100 teams in the world capable to develop blockchain infrastructure like nodes bridges and protocols

crypto bullrun broke eth and forced liquidity run away from inefficient , unstable and expensive chain

BSC is eth-compatible out of the box and backed by top centralized exchange.
this is kind of a way for eth tokens to work for their ecosystem.
i mean, the trap for eth liquidity is already there, and people are satisfied with that.

switching defi SG direction and build bridge with “magic BSC” doesn’t seem a great plan to conquer the market.

imagine erc20 token experience outside eth. it immediately falls right into this “innovative”black hole of cheap fast pools and the variety of mad-APY farms , funny everyday pumps , , x10 everyday, which turns you to “i am the intelligent defi user , instant-get-rich” kind of story. of course, sooner or later, you got shaved → impermanent loss → graveyard of those who tried. :hamster: just believe me

it likely reminds you something , doesn’t it, @MIchael_Kabanov ?

bridge to FT on this environment will likely be invisible and maybe even dangerous for FT economy because of network immaturity

ft <-> eth bridge is now at final stage which means that there is a brand new shiny decentralized pathway for slowpoke eth / tokens,and our value proposition is likely following: go and send your last eth transaction , wrap your favorite erc20 token into lightweight cheap and scalable TIP-3 buddy.

clever defi folks put their best efforts to let these rusty tokens start the new healthy life and fill our chain with liquidity.

the FT token distribution model in this scenario will propose our weaker brother not only use speedy swaps and farms like bsc does, but also high degree of decentralization and stable PoS community which ,I believe , convince big fish to calm down , stake , and participate in the global story instead of playing someone’s mint-yield-pump-dump crazy stupid ponzi dance

P. S. there is a gitcoin contest for building defi around BSC and it’s at final stage now. it took 50k$ prize pool to engage BUIDLers and run into this casino.
maybe it’s one of the reasons why cakes and berries grow so fast and sweet in BSC neighborhood


If I understood it correctly in the chat discussion yesterday, having a bridge to ETH enables jumping to BSC chain pretty easy and fast. I think that such a step will also make Binance closer to Free TON - yes, there is always a speculative part when talking about exchanges. Having more options to use, in my opinion, is always better than less or none.

I’m not sure that all that farming thingy is essential for Free TON but a connection to a very-very big audience can’t be bad.

Thanks again to sharing your view on this issue.

BSC is similar to Ethereum. Maybe we need additional contests for Ethereum bridge builders.
BSC is centralized copycat to Ethereum. I am not bullish about BSC.
How about bridge to Ropsten or Rinkeby testnets? (joke)