Free TON Robonomics


Robonomics factory is an autonomous workflow allowing the creation of a new lighthouse or liability contract using the appro- priate libraries stored on the Free TON Blockchain.
Organizations that create cyber physical systems may be in- terested in presenting their robots as services that can manage their own economies: from obtaining technical and financial pa- rameters before rendering the service, to independently providing their work with the necessary resources and services using the funds that CPS controls.
To fulfill such tasks, the engineer can create a ROS-compatible behavioral model that he wants to propose to cyber-physical sys-
tems owners in order for their robots to start working as an economically autonomous system. The engineer uses dapp to connect to the Robonomics network and sends a transaction.
to Free TON containing a hash of the ROS-compatible cyber physical systems behavioral model.

About us

Teketkom Ltd is the company specializing in a full cycle of FinTech project development. Our projects are successfully operating in Japan (full-cycle construction robotic complexes), the United Arab Emirates (blockchain protection of smart city components), China (blockchain security token and encryption of access to car computers). At the moment the company has suspended its activities. We have been waiting for Cosmos Tendermint for a long time, but we hope to implement projects with Free TON. The total audience of our already integrated and working software solutions for blockchain robotization exceeds 4 million users.


Our manifesto is up for discussion by the community. Look at the attached file. I will give a brief summary of it.
The economy of robots
The idea of a cyber physical system
Liability of the machine
Robonomics platform
Free TON Blockchain transactions and liability contracts
The contracts factory
Lightweight contracts
Creating a contract based on deferred signatures
Providers and Lighthouses
Robonomics program
Robonomics agents operating system
Applicative configuration and OS generations
The execution of programs described in smart contracts
Observing network
The work algorithm of the observers contract
Robonomics Token, tip-3
Emission for execution of the Robonomics program in the Free TON
Commission for launching the Robonomics program in the Free TON infrastructure 14 6.3 tip-3 tokens additional tasks
User commission enables observing networks existence
tip-3 accumulated on the lighthouses accounts as the trust mechanism of Robonomics
tip-3 as the quantitative reflection of networks capital
Cybernetics market
Conclusions about the movement of tip-3 in Robonomics network
Description of Robonomics work
Proposal of a new behavioral model by an engineer
Start of work of the Robonomics network provider
Start of the cyber physical system work as a service
The appearance of the user in the Robonomics network
Creation of the liability to perform a service by the cyber physical system
Liability execution by the cyber physical system
Robonomics platform applications
Building trust to the production of smart cities and smart factories
Smart factory launch by the user
Managing the economy of robots with the help of capital
Reference implementation
Tokenized values based on the robots labour
Robonomics segment in Free TON

Request for tokens

No token request. We have a commercial project and we cannot completely open the code. But maybe we will do it in the future. But I am ready to welcome any donations for our work with contracts and payment for gas in the development process in the Free TON wallet:


Welcome to Free TON community! Very interesting use case.
Even if your solution is proprietary, but you have some parts of it that can be freely redistributed and still beneficial to the rest of community as separate parts - these parts’ development can be a ground for contests.

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