Free TON on Everest(by The Graph)

Hi there. Popping in to let you know, that I just published information about Free TON project on Everest, which is The Graph’s project to maintain relevant data on projects in crypto ecosystem.

A lot of you probably already know about The Graph and significance of it in the DeFi data world, as a lot of decentralized applications are using its APIs. Therefore I reckon it was important to list info about Free TON there, as The Graph is continuing to develop Everest and it might become quite a significant part of data providing in blockchain, so it’s better to have Free TON listed there sooner than later.

It costed me ~5 USD in Gas and a 10 DAI listing fee to embed project information into blockchain.
As logo I took U+1F48E symbol, description was taken from Free TON wiki.
Anyone on Everest can create a dispute if he reckons that information is not correct.

I believe this should help interconnect ecosystems. Data exchange between blockchains is pretty important topic, and this is just a tiny step.


Thank you :blush: for bring such an amazing topic discussing about the reality about TON Crystal. Although this forum is just beginning I hope more advance tools will be use for it implementation. I have full assurance that this coin will be popular as time goes on in the sooner future.

Thanks @Salty for this great promotion; with optimistic minds like yours Free Ton will get the global recognition we all plan for the ecosystem. I just went through the post, I am not on Everest but the whole information is valid.:handshake:

Good job! I think that we need to continue to promote Free TON on other resources related to web3. I think that Web3 is the native space for Free TON.

Good information Dear @Salty ! topics like yours needed here to talk about anything about this TON Crystal. I think little by little TON will take the high place on the top. And yes is very important and interesting to see behind Free TON really there is a solid projects!