Free TON Latvija Development: Token Request for October-November Work

General description

Following the initial work for the development of Free TON Latvija, tokens for October-November work are being requested.


October 10 – November 30 2020

Statement of results

Free TON Latvija states that since launch the following amount of copywriting and social media publications mas made:

· Copywriting 56 posts and articles with 9031 words

· 45 Telegram news posts

· 48 Facebook posts

· 11 publications in Medium

· 44 Twitter posts

· 15 pictures edited

· 9 publications in local forum section

These publications have been translated from English language to Latvian and published to following social media pages:










Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute Tons to US citizens or entities.


How many people did you attract by doing this activity?
What is the use of these people for the project? What KPI has been achieved? What is the use of these posts and translations for the Free TON?


Well, the Person tried, I think it’s worth evaluating. As I see it, it is going to keep the future community of Latvia clean and tidy.
He needs to start storming cryptocurrency forums and telegram channels in Latvia. Drag users to the Free TON project. (This may be the next step)

@Maris What total do you request? 3216 Right?


Need statistics on the number of people attracted to the Free TON project


Good job so far. I would request you also attach the initial proposal so that we can compare the KPI’s achieved against this request of tokens.


Аmount of tokens is not significant, and the work done is not small


Hello, thanks for your great efforts.
BUT, Is there any accepted proposal already? Have you acted based on the previously approved KPIs? I mean whether other community members are allowed to promote the Free TON (without any approaved proposal) and then ask for rewards?



At the given moment we have created information resources in Latvian language for people who could potentially join us, we are translating content and making publications on an on-going basis - the proposal above is all about this. Attracting people to the project is the next step in our plans which requires more work and activities which do require resources to implement. Other than the work mentioned in the proposal, we are working with what we have got at the moment - discussing potential partnerships in the future with crypto communities and unions, hackathon organisers, associations etc. As an example, one of the crypto media news pages in Latvia has just started publishing content in their webpage, you can see it here. And we are working on more stuff.

We are not the first ones to request rewards for this kind of work - it has been rewarded before and will be rewarded in the future as we can see it here and here. The thing is that SMM Subgovernance Contests do not accept submissions regarding languages other than English or Russian, and there is no such thing as Latvian Subgovernance although we are working on it.

Also wanted to mention that we used Wiki rates as an example to calculate the sum shown in reports.

I hope this gives you a clearer picture on what we are doing here. If there are any more questions or feedback - it is very welcomed!

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Sorry but I think that work should be coordinated beforehand

You are right, that is exactly what the next step is. We also believe that it will keep the future Latvian community this way, that is our goal.
Yes, we request 3216 TON Crystals.

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3216 небольшая сумма для пропаганды Free TON на целую страну. Тем более качественные переводы носителей языка это большой плюс.


We will provide statistics, when we’ll start working on people attraction.
Also for publications to reach more people we need activities, those require funds.
As @Una mentioned before, we are trying to do what we can that doesn’t involve resources - such as contacting and working on potential partnerships with hackathon organizers, crypto communities, associations, unions.

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I believe that it is good practice - first you do the work, then you get the reward - not vice versa. Correct me if I am wrong. It was also mentioned in one of the meetups - community can show the work that has been done and ask a reward for it and this is what we did.


We used essential practice from two Sub-Governances: Mexican and Korean. Big thanks to them!
Furthermore we firstly made some work and then provided reports.
We didn’t ask for resources before we started contributing to Free TON Community.

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We appreciate it. We don’t have initial proposal this is our first request for tokens, for the work that has been done.
We used SMM & Wiki Sub-Governances rates to calculate rewards for work.
Also we would like to lead an example of growth to all nation communities by showing how it’s done.

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Hello, it is much appreciated!
There’s no accepted proposals. We acted based on two Sub-Governance rates: SMM and Wiki as example.
Who would be the person to allow or forbid doing that in a decentralized community? As mentioned, it was discussed even in a meetup - community can show the work done and ask for a reward.

You and your team showed good results within a short period of time, definitely. I confirm that.

But I am speaking about the work process. Can you please show us a report from Korean or Mexico team where they asked for rewards, before acceptance of their proposals? Or can you show the community where SMM and Wiki reported a standard table for telegram/facebook/twitter … promotion reward rates?

На каждой АМА, в каждом чате только и говорят что есть те кто делают и те кто просто говорит. Вот люди взяли и сделали.


Yes, no doubts, but for instance, if I will put a logo of a TON Crystal on my window or name a cat as a Free TON, should I get a reward?
What is the value which you have brought to the community? I am not saying that you haven’t brought anything, I am just asking kindly - could you please provide some numbers of attracted users or something that will show the value brought to the Community?

I suggest that you allow @Maris to try.
What has been done so far that is useful for the community?

  1. Social networks for users from Latvia
  2. Translation of the main (useful) information on the forum, for users of Latvia

The author’s next step is to attract users from Latvia.
At this step, the community will be able to evaluate the work (KPI) and give its assessment.
(recommendation to the author - do not get your hands dirty on bots, you need high-quality users)