Free TON is not anonymous anymore

I’ll be short. I and many other freetoners value our privacy and the fact that Free TON is decentralised.

But there is a tendency to ask peoples personal data almost in every contest. Your country, your mother language, your telegram account, etc. It contradicts the logic of a blockchain.

The question is WHY ? And WHAT are we going to do with the current situation?


Country, Language, and telegram - I don’t see this as a problem.
No one asks for a passport.
Perhaps you are worried for nothing.


I think such data need to contact you or to understand what do you can and in which country



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Telegram id is asked so that jury members can directly communicate with participant if they have any doubt, but sadly i don’t see any jury member doing this.


Indeed, no one wants to risk sharing personal documents and identity. But this is what most platforms and websites resort to in order to work within a legal framework, and they do this to provide better protection for their customers, and there may be greater compensation in the event that something goes wrong.

Since TON don’t want anything to with US citizens, it’s important they filter out members when doing giveaways and incentives for members. Your telegram username and country is just like identifier, it shouldn’t be taken as kyc.
This is a decentralized community, TON is not own by any one but as collective by everyone that’s ready to support it’s future.

If it’s beneficial for all members of the community, let’s make a public page with this info.

I don’t get why the information is collected by 1 person and then never shared with the community.

I think is early to ask or pretend asking people giving their data personal, you will plant a Free TON distrust. I have encountered many comment in many forums and media social where the people are not agree about a such website asking their data. They can do that if a such website or program is the most popular and trusted. So I think Free TON needs to grow more and they are looking to promote it to attract more people, if your idea on the way to KYC, my opinion is not a good idea!

This is fundamentally inaccurate. Nobody collects personal data. It’s your online persona and a way to match that persona to whoever produced the contest submission that is at stake; otherwise, there’s no way to prove the work is yours when you submit. Please reconsider your proposal.

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You should do well and check the fundamental of TON, the contest isn’t asking for your data.
What’s really there in asking for identifier under a wallet. This help to avoid double entries, I believe you wouldn’t be happy when 5 account belong to single person and at the end they all won and you won nothing.

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Yes I agree with you about avoiding a double account. But maybe there are many manners about how avoiding that. About my answer to this topic, I have said it is very early to apply the KYC Free TON at the moment, right now the important for Free TON is attracting a lot of people to be Free TON users, then in the future if they have to apply KYC they do it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Free TON isn’t privacy coin. I have not seen it positioned as such.
I also think that there is nothing wrong with the jury providing information about themselves. Participant contact information is also important.