Free TON Contests Rewards

Thank you everyone for your participation in the first 6 Free TON contests. Many more to come!

Free TON Contests Rewards - Final Results :point_left:

Obviously there were setbacks. Everyone is very grateful for your patience.

So what happened?

  1. Free TON is trying to become fully decentralized and one of the most important elements of this is proper decentralized governance. We are in governance stage 1.0. As such, in many ways, everything was done manually to some degree. Since there is no centralized governing body, getting everyone to work together takes time and patience. The community is still learning and this was a major learning experience.
  2. For a period of time, the network was stopped. When do we vote? Can we vote? Has the network been restarted? Do I need to vote again? These were among the many questions that came from all directions, which created confusion among the jury. As a result, many jurors simply did not vote.
  3. We are now about to enter governance stage 1.1. With it comes a new contest voting interface complete with stats, feedback features, and a lot of other cool stuff that will make contest judgment simple. Unfortunately, given the extraordinary length of time between when contests ended and governance 1.1, a decision needed to be made in the best interest of the community. Does the jury wait until stage 1.1 when the new interface is complete, or do they compile the results manually? Given the negative sentiment in the chat forum, a vote was taken and the collective decision was to get the results for the first 6 contests completed as fast as possible, manually, and then use the new interface for all other contests moving forward. This way we could at least announce the winners and start distributing tokens. This is where we are.
  4. Because governance 1.1 is close but not 100% ready, the distribution of tokens also had to be generated manually. This caused some issues with how to properly execute payment transactions. After all, there cannot be any mistakes. We are currently in the process of writing the proper scripts to follow through on distribution. This should be finalized in the coming days.

Hopefully, this clears up some of the issues and questions that have plagued this process for the last month. As we move forward and evolve we most certainly will encounter other hurdles. Let’s not forget that we are doing something that has literally never been done before. With it comes to experience. We hope everyone understands this. Please accept the community’s apologies for having taken so long to resolve the problems. We are poised and ready to move to the next phase, which will undoubtedly make things a whole lot simpler and smoother.

Congratulations to all our winners! Thank you all again for your participation.


Thanks for your work also )


This is truly a great learning period for the whole community… Great effort!! We can only get better


When will the awards be sent to the wallets?

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Our community is going towards decentralization step by step.
This will be something great and exceptional achievement in technology revolution.
Thanks to all our community members for their trust and contributions in decentralized internet.


Congratulations to all users winner!!