Free TON & Cointelegraph Contest Winners

A month ago I took part in this contest from Free TON & Cointelegraph:

And recently, the winners were announced, among which was my idea for the Blockchain:
“The best idea for Blockchain is paying taxes! For example, people from one district pay tax on one general account. Then, by voting, they distribute the funds from this account for the necessary needs. After the work is completed, residents check how their money was spent.”

I hired second place. I am happy and love Free TON! :heart_eyes: :innocent:

In order to facilitate the awarding of the winners - I decided to create this post.
Here is a screenshot of mine Ton.Surf:

And here’s a post on my Twitter to confirm the wallet:

I suggest doing the same to the other two winners! Leave the same confirmation and write in this topic!

Many thanks Free TON! :pray: I am proud to be a part of this community and I will use this great case to attract new members!


Hello there,

I am also one of the winners:

And the 1st place ! $5000 in crypto goes to: @p_marquez13’s idea on regulating news platforms: “A news service based on the blockchain. Merit-based upvote/downvote. Journalists will be paid in tokens based on a view/comment/vote aggregation.”

Please feel free to find me on Twitter: @p_marquez13 and send a message that way. If you need another way for me to confirm my identity, I can do that as well.

Here is link to the post as well:


Could someone from the Main Gov comment on this topic?)


Поздравляю! Идея действительно классная!)


Все гениальное - просто! :wink:

I’ve reached out to @patrick_marquez on twitter to confirm but @smokeb2 and @AnkarlieSantos you have your DMs turned off. Could you message me on Twitter to confirm you wallet address and Twitter please! Thank you :pray:


I apologize for my possible insistence. I just wanted to get some kind of feedback. I write to you! Thank you for your attention. :sunglasses:

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Thanks a lot, yes you have. I appreciate the message.

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I managed to find this third lucky one too. She didn’t even know. :smirk:


Thank you so much for taking the effort to locate me. I have Been busy taking care of my 8 month-old child who has not been feeling well for a couple of weeks now. Anyway congrats to all winners.


Here is my wallet address too :slight_smile: