Free TON Article Contest


The main task of the contest will be to carefully select and reward people who understand the Free TON project and will study all materials related to this topic. That will give an opportunity to attract well-developed and caring users to the project who can become active members of the Free TON community.

The contest will be held according to this plan

At seven cryptocurrency forums with high traffic, a topic will be created for a contest for writing articles about the Free TON project, the topic will be in two local sections, English and Russian, which will make it possible to reach a global audience, and not be limited to one region.




Hundreds of users will study the project, be interested in the news of the Free TON project, discover and start working with the TON Surf wallet. This selection method allows you to select the best users from the cryptocurrency community, who can further benefit the entire Free TON project.

Contest period

4 days after confirmation of the contest by voting - contest 1 month.

That is, if the competition is approved on February 22, and starts on 26.02, 2021, it will last until 28.03.2021

Voting for the adoption of the proposal 7 days (15.02.2021 – 22.02.2021)
Jury voting on articles of participants 10 days (29.03.2021 – 07.04.2021)


Contestants will perform the following task:

It will be necessary to carefully study the project and write an article in your own words of at least 3000 characters without a space, with a uniqueness of at least 85%. The article can be not only about Free TON, but the project itself must be mentioned in the text at least three times.

All participants will need:

Write a post on the Free TON forum in the contest topic and in the forum announcement topics.

Send an PDF application in which there will be your article, a link to the forum where it is posted, a nickname on the forum and in telegram


1 month.


Each participant will register on the forum where the competition announcement will be made:

Each contestant will also have to join the Free TON forum.

Each member will make a post on the Free TON topic on all social media platforms where possible.

Each topic on the forum will have its own counter of unique visits, which will give us the exact number of people who received information about the project.

All participants will need to open their TON Surf wallet

The estimated number of involved participants is at least 500-600 people

The number of users who received information about the Free TON project is at least 10,000 people

Examples of such contests can be provided where the number of views and participants of the contest will be seen. (Example ru ) (Example eng)

Estimated budget:


  1.Place - 1500 TON

  2.Place - 1000 TON

  3.Place - 800 TON
  1. Place - 500 TON

  2. Place - 300 TON

And 10 places of 200 TON

Contest management - 1500 TON

Note: If the number of winning submissions is less than the number of rewards available, any remaining rewards are not subject to distribution and are considered void.

Jury rewards

An amount equal to 30% of the sum total of all total coins actually awarded will be distributed equally between all jurors who vote and provide feedback. Both voting and feedback are mandatory in order to collect the reward.

Procedural remarks:

● Participants must upload their work correctly so it can be viewed and accessible in the formats described. If work is inaccessible or does not fit the criteria described, the submission may be rejected by jurors.

● Participants must submit their work before the closing of the filing of applications. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count.

Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.


There are a sufficient number of users on cryptocurrency forums who may be interested in this competition. The main thing in such contests is originality and it will be necessary to carefully check the copy-paste.


Yes, you rightly noted, copy-paste check will be a prerequisite.

Write a good article with 3000 characters in 3 days. This is a joke?

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You don’t need to write an article in 3 days. 3 days is the period from the moment of confirmation of the contest to its start. The competition will last 30 days. In total, you will have 33 days to write an article


Yes, everything is correct, the contest period is 30 days

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Great competition. But I can’t see the form to submit a request in pdf format.

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Yes, that’s a good point, I’ll add a little later. But in short, you send an application in which there will be your article, a link to the forum where it is posted, a nickname on the forum and in telegram.


I fully support the ideas presented by the author in this proposal. Similar contest was already held on high traffic forum like Cryptotalk and the success rate was really incredible to attract the genuine visitors while conducting the article contest. I hope the same for TON because not only forum members, audience will be also there to explore more about the project.


good prosal,I would love to participate.

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The contest has become active, announcements will be posted on the forums.


An article contest announcement is posted on the following forums:конкурс-статей-по-проекту-free-ton/


It’s a good contest and a tempting offer. I will definitely take part.


Я в деле! Всем топикстартерам удачи! Это будет славная битва! Да победят сильнейшие! :sunglasses::muscle:


Отлично, я рад что к нам присоединяются лучшие писатели…Да пребудет с вами сила слова !!!

Great, I am glad that the best topic-starters are joining us … May the power of the word be with you !!!


Вопрос не по теме - увидел здесь конкурс запустили, состоящий из 10 этапов (10 месяцев) с крутыми призовыми (первое место 75 000 TON). Уверен, вы в теме. Скажите, нужно каждый месяц публиковать минимум одну статью? Там не указано сколько символов должно быть. И вообще, какая-то тема с ключами и жюри непонятная вообще. Вот бы кто нормально объяснил правила


Я читал, но не сильно его поддерживаю… Во первых сложно для понимания многих сторонних пользователей, а именно на них рассчитан этот конкурс, второе, в начале он был только для сайтов находящихся в топ 200 Алекса, сейчас добавили уже простые платформы, типа Медиум и т.д… Конкурс проходит без жюри, но через наставника которым выступает особо доверенные лица в комьюнити Фри ТОНа, ему нужно показать статью, он одобрит или нет, внести правки, разместить на указанных порталах и ввести децентрализованно в блокчейн проекта. С последним я еще не разобрался, поскольку не вижу смысла в такой усложненной процедуре, разве что только для теста каких то децентрализованных решений, но не более…

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Вот именно, как-то все мегасложно и нецелесообразно. Даже не знаю, хоть пару человек выполнят условия?:slight_smile:


ok, let’s try, good luck


Учавствую в конкурсе. Свой обзор разместил на Обзор блокчейн-платформы Free TON