Free TON + Ankr partnership proposal

Ankr makes infrastructure for deploying any blockchain node easy, accessible, affordable and instantly distributed across the globe.

Ankr is supported by most prominent crypto VCs : Patnera, NGC, DHCVC, Binance.

Ankr platforms allows any blockchain to set up a blockchain node in several clicks. It supprots various recognised blockchain projects such as Celo, Binance, Matic, Algogrand, Avalanche, LTO, Edgewear, Prometeus and others.

Currently support 50+ protocols, 4000+ nodes , close to 9000 registered retail users . Ankr also works directly with exchanges, defi, custodian, wallets, VC and other projects, which are considered enterprise customers.

Ankr would be glad to become a Free TON validator and host on its Ankr Cloud and allow an option of Free TON node hosting on its platform.


Это отличный проект,если он будет связан с FreeTon.

Процесс уже запущен и это позволит тысячам людей стать валидаторами Free TON.


How is progress? Any update?

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