Free TON + AdGram partnership proposal [Modified]

Recently, we’ve posted our proposal in another branch, but we’ve got some useful and relevant comments, and we’ve modified our initial proposal.

In general: a partnership with the leading Telegram performance marketing platform would grant a utility property to a TON Crystal token + access to the Telegram admin community. Read more here:

The old branch is here



This proposal is quite nice, but I still have questions how will you attract new users to the community?


The same question. Also, I would like to figure out why only 2000000 of Crystals can be distributed in this way?


Cause that a pilot version of a partnership and the whole distribution. Of course its not limited by 2mln Tokens, but this would sufficient to start, to make a 1st step


Pretty simple here: administrators have channel or chat audience. Special advertising campaign would be shown to all of them => some those who see this ads would click on it and download a wallet and create an address. Just a basic funnel.
The first utility of the token is advertising purchase. Those tokens that we request would be used for admin payouts. Our potential audience reach is almost 15mln impressions.

And this is just one of dozens of our own “know-how” mechanics on “How to promote FreeTON” among Telegram users


Me too just wondering what is the purpose of requesting only 2000000 Crystals since there is a gola now from the developers to distribute as much tokens as possible


Will this creation of wallets lead to the fact that these users’ balance should be also poped up. If yes, in which funds are you going to do that?


Have not met AdGram before, but this proposal looks very nice. I hope that everything will be done in a fair way!


Did you read the attached file? There is the whole text regarding your issue.


Ooops, actually didn’t notice the link to add materials because it opened in the new Tab. Thank you!

The proposal is great, thanks for such work!

That’s just would be sufficient to make a test)

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Everything would be made in a test mode. Tests among admins gonna take place in the first place.

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What’s about status of this proposal?

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I propose to reduce the offer price to 500,000 crystals. At the current market price, this is an adequate price for added 200,000 new accounts. What will be done if the KPI is not reached? pay a proportional amount?

Proposal on the HOLD.