Free TON Academy JURY

You certainly can, Ben! I am certain you would be a great addition to the Academy!

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Hello! I will be happy to contribute to the work of this SG as a member of the jury by submitting my submission.


I have applied and am participating

In the process of preparing my submission to participate as a member of the jury within the academy and contributing my years of experience to the FreeTON community. I learned of FreeTON and its decentralized concepts while leading the efforts within the GBP to development of Remote Secure Accessible Ballot Marking & Return standards. I firmly believe in the need for continuous learning and with the evolution of technology deep appreciation of the nature of the distributed ledger, trustless mechanisms, and means of verifying and authenticating one’s identity.

Resume Philip Andreae



I wanted to greet you personally.

This emerging decentralised community and its educational arm The Academy need people like you - experienced, knowledgeable, with significant practical achievements and excellent lecturing in your past - to save us from re-inventing the wheel and from running in circles and from catch-22s and from blindingly insufficient knowledge of history to name a few.

But most importantly, your arrival means we get a chance to learn what you ALREADY know and we are YET to discover.

Welcome, Philip.

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I agree.

My personal travels and search for yoga ashrams brought me to India several times, both to the largest urban areas in the world and to pristine beauty of remote parts or Uttarakhand. I also met a lot of very smart people of Indian origins in Silicon Valley, so certainly agree that India as the largest english-speaking country in the world should certainly be one of Academy’s priorities.

So please help the Academy see from that perspective to make sure we maximise our potential in India.


Hello everyone - I am an active member of the FREE TON community and am ready to try myself on the jury and fruitful work.


free ton academy is the first kind of SG in which Indians are taking more interest and discussing a lot to involve more instructors and students within academy development. Even after about one year of launch free ton haven’t sufficient involvement of indian people but now things are looking very different and favourite for indian community.


great to be a part of most trendy blockchain education.


India was lagging behind in the world of Internet and its applications, but now the blockchain technology is strongly appreciated here by several government bodies and central government is also exploring to deploy a blockchain voting for 2024 general election.


Hello! I am also interested in participating Free TON Academy Sub-Governance Jury Contest
My application


The Academy will be the beginning of a new life for every new Free TON member!



Firstly, I am excited about Free TON and the future
of this platform. Secondly, I have an experience in
Free TON promotion as I have two channels related
to Free TON. The main goal of my channels is to
educate new Free TON users, that’s why goals of
the Free TON Academy are close to me.
Thirdly, I have learnt a big amount of information
about Free TON, so now I’m good at this topic. In
my opinion, Jurors of Free TON Academy
Subgovernance should have the mentioned
Also I took part in a large number of the Free TON
contests, so I think that I am aware of nuances of
Finally, I want to dedicate a needed amount of
time to the judging, so I believe that I can
contribute to development of Free TON.

I also submitted my submission.
With my experience in online education, i will do my best to improve this SG.
I think the most important part of FT community is education.

I will also take part, let’s see what happens.

I am submitting an application for participation in the jury competition

Hi all! Taking part in the jury competition.
tg name @true_ia

Submitted too.
Telegram: @nerzh


Hope to be part of this jury! Submitted !

Telegram @GinnyFlwr

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Hello everyone! I am nominating myself for the jury. My telegram @maximmuzychenka