Forum early influencer's contest

Contest dates
Measuring period​: May 7 - November 7, 2020 (half year anniversary of FreeTON).
Submission period​: two weeks after acceptance.

That is a compromise proposal originating in the thread “Forum supporters contest” but reworked into competitive nature.

Proposal type
Anniversary contest based on past activities of early FreeTON enthusiast for their out-of-competition contribution to the project in the most important phase – within the first half year since the beginning.

Any community is the people who make it up. And the growth of the community directly depends on what kind of people they are. Groups of selfish individuals, in which mutual assistance and inspiration are only foreign words, grow slowly.

We are growing fast thanks to quality people who:

  • shared their ideas and received positive feedback from the community;
  • inspired newcomers;
  • wrote their proposals, even if not all of them were accepted;
  • created manuals and translated texts;
  • and as a whole breathed life into this forum …

The goal
… and all this was done not for the sake of reward, but thanks to the belief in the future of the project. These deeds and this faith are worth to be rewarded within this social act.

How to participate?
Quite simple! Just submit a PDF file with 10 clickable links (fixed number, no more, no less!) to your most significant and useful forum posts done within the measuring period. Posts done or edited (!) after mentioned time frame will be ignored by the Jurors. Please do not submit links to meaningless posts, like greetings, spam, smilies, off-topics. Please also do not submit posts already rewarded within other contest. Such posts will be also ignored by the Jurors. Do not forget to submit your forum nickname and your FreeTON wallet address.

Example of PDF content


3. ...


  • Jurors intended to participate in this contest by providing submissions lose their right to vote in this contest.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 1 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements.
  • Jurors will provide short feedback on all submissions.
  • The Jury will reject duplicate, sub-par, incomplete, or inappropriate submissions.

Each participant will be rewarded in accordance with following simple formula:

Average points collected by her / his submission x 100 TONs

Jury rewards
An amount equal to 5% of the resulting prize fund will be divided equitably between all jurors who vote and provide feedback based on their votes, quantity and quality. Both voting and feedback are mandatory to collect this reward.

Jury rewards
7000 TONs will be divided equitably between all jurors who vote and provide feedback based on their votes, quantity and quality. Both voting and feedback are mandatory to collect this reward.

Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.


Any useful activity should be rewarded. This is the Free TO principle, as far as I understand its ideology and values correctly. Therefore, I fully support your proposal.

Любая полезная деятельность должна быть вознаграждена. Это принцип Free TON, насколько я правильно понимаю его идеологию и ценности. Поэтому, полностью поддерживаю ваше предложение.


Good idea, good reward system. When will this wonderful contest be launched?

…Ok… so, here’s my POV. People should be rewarded for work. 100%. But this is an attempt to rework something that never deserved a reward in the first place, into a contest for it, because the attempt to pass this exact same failed concept, originally as a flat proposal, failed. And it failed for good reason. There is no such thing as a “forum supporter”. The forum is the forum. It is every community member’s personal duty on the basis of civic responsibility to participate in the forum. If you don’t want to – don’t! Others will. No problem.

This is (once again) an attempt at saying that because I got out of bed and walked to the bus, took the train and then a taxi to the office, that I am now somehow now a candidate for compensation (sorry for the centralized “office” metaphor). Don’t come to the office. No worries. Someone else will take your place.

Not trying to be a square, but this is every bit as ridiculous an idea as was the first proposal. NO!

My opinion.

P.S. One more underscore: When people (including myself) suggested to form a contest for WORK performed, what we meant was justifiable work. Participating in community activities is not work. It’s what a community does, like walking your dog or taking your kids to school. These are not things that the community should pay for. I am very surprised by how lazy this is. The proposal failed, and so should this “contest” proposal fail. With all due respect.

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Where exactly do you see a good idea? I am really, truly asking. Where is the “good idea”? Please. Tell me.

ANY useful activity? Ok. I just put on my jacket, went outside, painted “Free TON” on the sidewalk. Will you please send me 1,000 TONs. I performed a useful idea.

Ron, please stop - your first head-shot was enough :grinning:


As far as I understand the author of the topic, the point is to encourage useful activity, useful results. Is that a bad thing?

We earned badges here because of our activities. What is the essence of those badges if it worth nothing. Cryptocurrency forums reward users I don’t think is a bad thing doing same here. What do you think?

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Not only. In general, the goal was to test how much all parties in our community are ready for compromises and some kind of social solidarity. Compromise is not consensus, of course… but very close.

:-)) Still. I guess i am just shocked at this. Everyone wants people to contribute, but they try to find the path of least resistance for a free payday. I know it’s human nature, but man, guys, gals. PLEASE :pray: I beg you. Let’s be reasonable here. Free TON’s forum is not a “like” farm.

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No. Of course not. But how is paying for what you should already be doing as part of your life something that should be funded? Paying for being active? It is results that are compensated, not your personal interest and belief in the project. If we go down this road then we’re nothing short of a bot farm.

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Yes, you’re right that this isn’t about product development or anything spectacular. In other words, this type of activity described in this offer should not be rewarded? Does it have any value, or is its value so insignificant that it is almost 0? Your opinion is very important to me. I’m always very attentive to him, Ron, you know. If I think wrong, please correct me.

Да, вы правы, что речь идет не о разработке продукта или о чем-то впечатляющем. Другими словами, этот вид деятельности, описанный в данном предложении, не должен вознаграждаться? Имеет ли он какое-либо значение, или его значение настолько незначительно, что оно почти равно 0? Ваше мнение очень важно для меня. Я всегда очень внимательна к нему, Рон, вы же знаете. Если я рассуждаю не верно, то исправьте меня, пожалуйста.

Badges are an underscore of your belief in the program. Do you earn money when you comment on an article you are passionate about, or a YouTube video? If so, then you have no personally vested interest in it. If not, then you are supporting what you believe in. I mean do you get paid for going to the store and buying food for your family? Do you get paid for mowing your grass? This is YOUR network. It is your personal obligation to support it. Work and contribution of value is not likes and comments. I mean come on everyone. Seriously! I am so disappointed right now. It really makes me sad and I feel awful to keep seeing things like this.

But I’m just one dude. You can do whatever you want. But I am truly saddened to see stuff like this. I mean that honestly. Just sad. :anguished:

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Perhaps I don’t know the full implications of this discussion. But I don’t see anything wrong with a person receiving a reward for their active participation in creating content that is useful for the project and the community. Moreover, the author suggested encouraging those who took an active part at an early stage. This means that no bots are expected.

What content? This isn’t content. It’s opinions being voiced.

So why not let it pass and let Jurors decide what was an useful contribution? They may reject everything. But the topic is closed in decentralized way but not by a head-shot of Ron :slight_smile:

I don’t want to correct you. You have an opinion and it should be yours. But I am stating mine. To me this isn’t work. It’s personal interest to collectively make something work. I would never ask for tokens (or anything actually) to go and support my favorite team, or my favorite book, or my favorite anything. I support it because I care.


Perhaps the author of the topic will give a more detailed answer and share his vision about what he meant. I’ll come back to read it later.

No one is closing anything. Let them vote. Fine. But it is the principle here that just makes me feel so unbelievably saddened by all this. I just didn’t expect this I guess. I mean no, I expected it, but I expected it from scammers, not from regular contributors. Anyway. I said what I wanted to say. Disheartening.