Flexible validator parameters in depool contract

Do we need to be able to change parameters in our depool contract w/o redeploying it
  • Yes
  • No
  • Only reduce fee
  • Only Increase fee

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Hello everyone. New depool contract have some fixed value which CAN NOT be changed in the future.
If you decide to change anything, you need to terminate your depool and create a new one.
I think everyone understand what it mean for validator, with, for example, 1000 users in his pool, he need somehow to inform all of them what they need to stake in a new contract.
There can certainly be many cases where fees may be changed, some of them as example

  • the validator initially set a high commission and a lot of other validators with lower commission, of course most of users will go where the commission is lower.
  • the validator set a low comissions and it doesn’t cover his expenses to run his depool, so he need to increase it.
  • after one, or even two years of validation, some pools may become really huge (with tens of thousands users in it) and same time there are a lot of new validators who setup a lot lower comissions, for sure this pool need to take action, but it’s impossible to destroy contract w/o lost users, and he need to spend again months or even years to get his users back.

We can imagine what there are a lot of cases where we want to have ability to change basic parameters.
Not only fee, validatorAssurance as well, because 100k assurance in a pool with 1mln is 10% and it’s really safe, but what if some validator grow and have 100mln stake, so his assurance is only 0.1%, it’s nothing.

My proposal is to have those parameters flexible, this will help avoid many problems in the future.


полная поддержка. голосовал за возможность менять в любые стороны, но как минимум нужна возможность уменьшать комиссию и увеличивать страховку

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I think it may be reasonable to start atm with current contract, but before final start (in december or whatever it will be) we need to implement such functionality

I support this proposal, I think it must be improved!

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If we’re talking about guarantees for users, we can use same scheme as all cosmos networks have - max limit for validator fee (as well as low limit of validatorAssurance), which we setup at the moment of deploy. It will be a guarantee for users what validator can not set his fee above this value.

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I support this proposal.
I think this is important. Validators may need to change commission. But validator must have restrictions for changing rate.
Do you plan to present this proposal to the jury?

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Don’t think about jury before. This topic is mostly for validators, does jury members can adequately evaluate without having a sufficient backround in validation?

Very good idea - max limit for validator fee (as well as low limit of validatorAssurance), which we setup at the moment of deploy. But we need the depool smart contract formally verified ASAP and working stable, so this issue would be great to test when the validators could vote for the changes of network parameters and so on. Let’s pay respect for the great work of Tonlabs devs and give them time to finish more urgent tasks for the network. If we don’t want to wait for the new contract now, may be the contest for this task would be the best way? To develop and formally verify again, as well.

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Flexible DePool Smart Contract is totally preferable due to its possibilities of rich features in future with the same growing userbase.

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I need much more flexibility. For instance, we have charity fund and need to split validator reward in two flows - fund and validator

I support. This is a required functionality for DePool.

I think that any further features, like this one, to implement in depool or other formally verified and stable smart contract, will be reasonable to develop as an additional smart contract that could run any desired logic on behalf of the account owner.