Fiat to Crypto Payment Gateway (Visa+MasterCard) and Listing on INDACOIN

About Indacoin

Indacoin is a fiat-to-crypto payment gateway that enables users from over 180 countries to purchase cryptocurrencies with Visa & Mastercard seamlessly.

Indacoin has been operating for over 7 years in the crypto industry, and it is approved by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

Its business model consists of:

1- B2C where users buy, exchange and store crypto on and Indacoin mobile app on iOS.

2- B2B where over 100 merchants use Indacoin’s API to process payments for their users.

User base ~ 500’000

+100 B2B partners including top players such as Okex, Bithumb, Changelly, Coinswitch, Latoken, Waves among many others.


  1. Integrate Ton Crystal on Indacoin - enabling users to buy it directly from & iOS app with Visa & Mastercard.

  2. Branded landing page “Buy TON with Visa & Mastercard” - for example:

  3. 24/7 human support for your TON users through live chat, e-mail and landline.

  4. 13 Fiat/TON pairs with : GBP, EUR, USD, RUB, CAD, AUD, SEK, CHF, DKK, PLN, CZK, NOK, NZD

  5. Indacoin will take full risk of chargebacks.

*For those who do not understand “chargebacks” click here.

KPI: Free Ton community agrees that on a long-term partnership, Indacoin will monetize in the following scenarios:

  • For the first 100’000 new Free TON users that will purchase through Indacoin, Indacoin will be receiving 4 TON per each user until the KPI of 400’000 TON is achieved.

  • For each credit/debit card transaction done by a TON user, using Indacoin’s payment gateway, Indacoin gets back 5% of the total amount purchased by the TON user, until the total amount of cash-back, during an unlimited period of time, reaches 500’000 TON.

Our request is:

Upfront Fee of 100’000 Crystals and the ongoing KPI mentioned above

Address 0:595b4094ddebf724c9ca9b4548e5f142620c6fb2a5701065ecb393116671ecbd

Contact Details:

Anvar Sidorov

Director of Partnerships at Indacoin


Hello again. You were sent packing the first time, because the community recognized an obvious scam. Now you’re back asking for less, thinking we’ll be fooled. We won’t. Won’t happen. Thanks for playing.

P.S. One more time – zero value in this. We don’t need it. Just a way to dump tokens. Thanks but no thanks. Just give up. You’re wasting your time.

P.P.S. NO ONE WILL PAY YOU TO LIST!!! Please let it sink in.

Hi guys! Zero value to the Free TON community. If you want to list the token - sure thing, go ahead. We’ll gladly speak to the media about it - once it’s done, to share the good news.

Why would Free TON want to pay for it? It’s a business, so go do your business and make money off transactions/commissions.

Hi Ron, we did re-propose simply because your colleagues and member of the Free Ton community asked us to do so.
We also followed your advice and decrease the price to 100’000 Crystals, I believe your community is requesting an easy and quick access to your token and they feel the need to have a Fiat on-ramp.
That is why we are here again, I hope you are good with this.

Hey Chuck, we are not a crypto exchange that is “listing” a coin. We are a fiat-crypto payment processor that is enabling the direct purchase of Crystals with Visa & Mastercard.
Other than that, we propose a Chargeback free solution, meaning that you will not have any chargeback problem in the long run.
USD 1,5 Billion of credit card transaction are made in the crypto industry, I think we will give the access to a huge market.
Thank you

Also Ron, I would like to make you understand, that if you accepted Changelly as a good partner, you should also accept Indacoin, simply because Changelly uses our payment infrastructure.
We were the first partner for Changelly, his is for your personal information :wink:

Let me get this straight - your business is in commissions, right? So, what do you need us for? Go ahead and implement any solution with Free TON token - whatever you like really. Once it’s done we will definitely share the good news. But that the level of involvement we’re comfortable with.

Hey Dear Chuck, let me correct you and explain that OUR BUSINESS IS NOT BASED ON COMMISSIONS. We are fiat to crypto payment gateway, with an anti-fraud system integrated in it.
Look, your members/colleagues, keep contacting us requesting the integration of our payment gateway because we offer a fiat on-ramp solution that will protect you from a potentially high amount of chargebacks, this feature is essential for the success of your business.
Please try to speak and listen other members, as it is clear that part of your community wants Indacoin as partner

By the way dear, just for your personal information we are approved and regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority, this is for your personal information and knowledge, before calling us scam

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Integrating fiat to TON will be the most convenient way for new crypto-users because everyone in this world isn’t a crypto user already.
Free TON doesn’t need only current crypto-users but also new users who are ready to diving in crypto world through Free TON.

Everyone in this world uses fiat currencies out of which very fewer have cryptos to use.

New user like to buy TON with?
  • TON - Fiat
  • TON - Crypto

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