Existence of jury contradicts principle of decentralisation

I’m a relatively new community member but I already see lot’s of problems with decision making. It’s absolutely clear for me and many community members that juries are corrupt, we can see comments that confirm that almost under every post.

I believe that true decentralised system shouldn’t have such concept as juries at all. All decisions should be made by community and each community member should be able to affect any decision.

We need to come up with new solution for management.
For that we could reuse concepts from other projects, like stackoverflow. Where each community member has some kind of rating based on impact. Each community member should be allowed to participate in decision however every vote should be multiplied by coefficient which is proportional to rating. That is needed to eliminate the possibility of creating many accounts in order to gather votes. I’m not saying we should reuse the exact same approach as stackoverflow, but we could adopt it to our needs

Any thoughts ?


A lot of thoughts. Still, you should read existing works and current developments before.

I think prize places of this contest are the best and closest to what will be in the future:

Thanks for sharing the link!