DoD signing with tonos cli (Extraton extention)

I did not find a dedicated topic for DoD signing.
As I understand there are 3 ways to sign the DoD:

  1. An old one Free TON Community
  2. New two, using a link to a specifc account:
    a) with tonos cli
    b) with Extraton browser extention.
    So, why was the way 2a created, why do we need it?
    Why was signing the DoD using 2a and 2b ways paused?
    Is any statitistic of signing the DoD with way 2a?
    What does signing the DoD using 2a and 2b ways give to users?


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Behind 2b is 2a. Backend and frontend…

and why the backend way has been created? why nobody uses the both ways?

Not everyone is able to get tonos-cli running. However the command line version is the safest one, because you don’t have any middleman.
There is no benefit so far in signing DoD on-chain except symbolic and reputational.

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That is why that was signed only 57 times. That could be another story, if somebody says first 1000 signers will get 1000 TONs each :joy:


I like this sound :slightly_smiling_face: