Developers Contest: Free TON payment method module for CMS/CRM/eCommerce. 1st wave

Contest proposal: Free TON payment method module

Short description:

Create payment method module for different website CMS/CRM/eCommerce platforms



Contest entry period:

August 24, 12:00 PM UTC - September 15, 24:00 PM UTC.


There are so many websites CMS/CRM/eCommerce platforms, and each of these systems needs its own payment module.


  • Logo and patterns;
  • Receive Free TON crystals directly without any third-parties
  • QR Code supports (Need reply from Free TON Surf team)
  • Supports payment comments

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions:

  • Number of module features (QR code generation, correctly predict fees, automatic charge-backs, reports, ability to receive funds from Surf users, etc…)
  • Module publication in CMS/CRM/eCommerce platform module stores
  • Supporting different versions per one CMS/CRM/eCommerce platform


  • Each of the initial Free TON jurors can vote on your submission. Jurors whose team(s) intend to participate in this contest by providing submissions lose their right to vote in this contest.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 0 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting if they feel unqualified to judge.
  • Jurors will provide feedback on your submissions
  • Duplicate, sub-par, incomplete or inappropriate submissions will be rejected.


1st prize…………………………45,000 Tons
2nd prize……………………….40,000 Tons
3rd prize………………………. 30,000 Tons
4th-10…………………….……. 20,000 Tons
11-20……………………………. 10,000 Tons each
20-30…………….……….………. 5,000 Tons each

Jury rewards:

An amount equal to 5% of the sum total of all total tokens actually awarded will be distributed equally between all jurors who vote and provide feedback. Both voting and

feedback are mandatory in order to collect the reward.

Procedural remarks:

● Participants must provide CMS/CRM/eCommerce platform at this topic, before they starts. List of platforms available here Or you may use any other CMS/CRM/eCommerce platforms
● Participants must supports their module for next 2 months (Bug fixes, remove errors, etc…)
● Participants must upload their work to the & the platform store, you create the module. If work is inaccessible or does not fit the criteria described, the submission may be void by jurors.
● Participants must create demo store with working module, based on rubies. You can get test rubies by creating wallet at
● Participants must submit their work before the closing of the filing of applications. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count.

Useful links: - Dev Block Explorer - Dev GraphQL playground - Docs - Free TON GitHub - Free TON SDK - Free TON Wiki (Under development)
En Dev chat on telegram
Ru Dev chat on telegram

Attention: The field of acceptance of the competition, the number of prizes cannot be increased. The amount of prize payments is also unchanged. Proposals for this competition are accepted only before the start of the jury voting. By participating in the competition, you are aware of all the risks, including the possibility of not receiving rewards.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.


isn’t it better to write payment libraries in different languages (php, js, py), then in the next step devs can use those libraries to make modules?


Is there no limit for participants? Also, what’s about quality?


I suggest the following (thanks @Roman_D for his thoughts!) :

  1. If you’re after "one submission = one cms"contest model then limit the max number of winners to i.e. 10-15 (as there is not that much widely-used e-commerce CMSes) with progressive reward amount. I think this should be revisited, as one contestant could create the better module to the same CMS than another.
  2. Rewards needs to be increased, as this contest could provide a huge bump to accepting FreeTON and doing business with it. That could motivate the participants to share their implementations, with current reward amounts they’d better keep them secret instead and make more profit from selling/supporing/using them privately :slightly_smiling_face:
  3. As per quality - I see two possible metrics there: cms popularity and feature completeness. For the second one the list of feautures should be developed, i.e.:
  • ability to receive funds from Surf users and successfully bind them to internal shop data, such as order numbers, all-automated
  • ability to do charge-backs automatically (return funds to users), all-automated
  • ability to correctly predict fees

Contest proposal updated

  1. The list you provided (known CMS in Russia) is irrelevant in a global scope. I didn’t find many popular Ecommerce platforms such as: WooCommerce, 3DCart, Vuestorefront, Odoo, BigCommerce, Volusion Plus.
  2. Evaluation criteria and winning conditions must be revised.
    2.1 CMS/CRM/eCommerce platform popularity must be determined before the contests begins.
    2.2 What weight do each point have? What of them belong to must have category?
  3. Who will check that the modules will be workable and have no bugs, it will take a lot of time, I think we have to announce one more QA acceptance contest for this purpose.
  4. This is a quite expensive work to write a payment module, if a new payment module is workable , it must be rewarded anyway , it is not allowed to be out of the winners quantity .

Regarding 3 & 4 - we already have

Participants must create demo store with working module

So I see no problems in making a “fast QA” based on the necessary feature list. I.e. the simple test:

  1. Juror visits the site, “buys” the special test item, receives the confirmation email
  2. Then juror tries to make a refund and see if it succeeds.
    That could be the “first fast QA”, and I see this no that hard for jurors to do it (the juror’s rewards can even be increased slightly to motivate).

Regarding points 1 & 2 - we can easily define M1 and M2 just like in validators contest and as I suggested in this post. What CMS ratings can you suggest? We can even combine multiple ratings based on their weight (TBD).

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For popularity we can use website rank

  1. Add additional information to start message.
  2. For popularity we can use for example - This site ranks: #15,636. And divide it by millions, 1.000.000/2.000.000 etc… This is just information for jury, it will not’ give any points, but, for popular CMS/CRM/eCommerce platform you submission will be better
  3. already answered
  4. For place under 20, we can put 5,000 Tons each

Or some existing CMS popularity rating.
All in all we need to clarify evaluation parameters (for ex. like M1&M2) to minimize any possible problems. Agreed with Renoul here.
Thank you for proposal! All deliverables of this contest will greatly push the Free TON adoption!

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If we will develop M1, M2 it will be long discussion
Why not to Use ranking on jury vote?
Let me explain, every CMS/CRM/eCommerce platform important for us, and first we want to have modules for popular CMS with Alexa ranking. Not for new created platform, which was born 2 hours ago. This development also important for us, but, development for popular systems will bring us more benefits.

Guys, I remove * CMS/CRM/eCommerce platform popularity

Alexa is designed to be an estimate of a website’s popularity. It is not correct to judge about ecommerce platform popularity by its website popularity. We should use another rating, something like this or like dnugget mentioned

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Each system has its own niches, we will not compare them on the first wave yet.

Regarding this point I would also suggest approving partisipant`s choice by Jury at Stage 1

Every can participate. Jury can reject bad works

For example, this point just need as information for all participants. Because it will be not good to get 30 modules for opencart for example

sure. I mean another, why do we need to write a payment module for a platform that is at the bottom of popularity rating? As we are not able ot evaluate popularity in a proper way, we should approve or reject a proposed platform before the development begins

@Arthur How we can exactly know, how this platform will be in next years? It can be not popular now, it can be startup, and became 1st eCommerse system in the world in 2021…
Again, jury will vote for every submission. We cannot limit the list of systems! If so, why we do not limit other contests?

ok, as you say. Will be waiting the contest to be approved